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Yak-3, 1/48 Eduard

November 12, 2020 · in Aviation · · 19 Comments

This time I present 's model, which I finished in 2018. It is a Profipack package, to which I added photo-etched parts for flaps, Quickboost exhausts and Lift here decals. Considering that it's quite old model, I think it's nice and easy build, but I would definitely recommend Zvezda model.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses

  1. Quality paint and finish.

  2. turned out beautifully, a really eye catching. Thumbs up!

  3. Wonderful build, Anže.
    Your painting technique is superb.
    I assume you did the exhaust stains free handed, they look great.

  4. Another excellent build, Anže!
    Perfect allaround and amazing attention to detail.
    I had built the same kit at about 2005, as Normandie Niemen bird. I am almost sure my kit was the 1998 release and the impressions were pretty good!
    Congratulations on your build!

  5. Beautifully built & painted airplane !
    I like the eagle marking on the side, very unique. I have the Zvezda kit waiting ... yours is an inspiration.

  6. Really nice camou, love the colours. The bright Jugoslavian markings really makes all pop a bit extra.

  7. nice paint job and subtle weathering!

  8. Sharp looking Yak.

  9. Thank you everyone.

  10. Very nice result with this old (2002) kit. A very nice model.
    I definitely agree about the superiority of the Zvezda kit.

  11. Nice work. It’s good to see some Yugoslav subjects.

  12. Anze, @anze93

    Welcome to Imodeler ! You will enjoy it here, as there are some good people who regularly visit the website.
    This is a very nice looking model, and you did a magnificent job building and painting it. What surprised me, was just how small these planes actually are when compared to other similar fighter plane from the WW2 era. It's about the same size as a Bf-109, maybe a little smaller, but it's much smaller than a P-47.

    I pressed the "liked" button too.

  13. Anže (@anze93) This is a superb model! i like everything about it!

    And welcome to iModeler!

  14. A very lovely build! Looks great.

  15. Thank you everyone!

  16. I can’t help and stay objective as this plane served in my country, for sure this is great work and great selection of markings.
    Best regards Djordje

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