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Academy 1/72 SR-71

August 30, 2015 in Aviation

One of my favorite, Black bird !!! The Academy kit is quite low in fittings and decals. The red stripe “Do not step” is impossible to be adhered to, so I decided to paint it. I Did a mix of glossy black of Humbrol with dark blue Testors for the secret indigo blue … white pastel used to weathering, seat belts made from duct tape, metal cotes for the turbines, and a mixture of metallic grays for internal parts in titanium. I was very pleased, and won silver medal at the annual convention 2014 here in Brazil .. I hope you enjoy.

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13 responses to Academy 1/72 SR-71

  1. That last pic really shows off the nice finish you applied.

  2. Congratulations on the award.
    How do you figure the height of those stands you use? Are they from redundant sprues?.
    You got that finish right, difficult to match, yours is beautifully done.

    • Thanks Bernard, i Studied in depth the SR-71 to achieve this result, several photos and books … Yes sprue that was left from an old kit … folded with heat and made the reinforcing bars. They have 1 1/2inch tall, this height works with almost any kit…

  3. Great work Eduardo, she looks a beaut as well as a beast.
    Well done on the silver medal.

  4. Only silver? Surely that deserved the gold!
    That’s a very nice model, one I hope to have in my own collection one day!

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice work and no pun intended but … very SHARP looking model.

  6. Looking good, with this very nice weathered paint job !

  7. Nice work mate!
    Glad to see such an amazing model.
    How was the building process? I’m aiming to get one of these beauty.

  8. Great finish. It’s tough to get such a large single-color bird to look interesting, but you’ve got just the right amount of shading and detailing to make it stand out and not look boring! I’ve got one of these (though not Academy) in my stash, and am now inspired to build it!

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