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I was graduated in Design, and modeling was introduced to me by my father since I was a little boy. My favorite hobbies are motorsports and plastic modeling, and favorite sports are skateboarding and basketball. Talking about scale modeling, I prefer military aircraft, especially WWII ones, and race cars. I hope you enjoy my work.

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Tamiya 1/48 Fw 190D-9

Hello friends, this time one of my favorite WWII German fighters, FW 190 "dora 9". With camouflage and markings from "defense of the reich" units, some wear and weathering, the final result pleased me a lot ... always improving, always. The Tami[...]

Academy F-15C Eagle.

Hi friends, here's my latest work, an F-15 C Eagle from Academy. I opted for the Alaska National Air Guard version. The kit had good quality, with good fittings, almost no use of puty for corrections. I chosed the black polyester base coat tech[...]

B-58 Hustler -1/72 Italeri

Hello friends, after a year of dedication, I finished what I consider to be my most challenging assembly until now, where I applied all the knowledge I have. This classic cold war bomber, the B-58 Hustler, on the 1/72 scale from Italeri, is a [...]

Heller P-51D

Another simple kit, but great for training metal finish. This old 1/72 heller kit, given to me by a friend, is a classic Mustang P-51D "miss jackie". A little bit of putty in the joints, and let's go. This time I tried some paints developed here[...]

Revell Mig 21F-13

Hello modeling friends, another classic jet of the cold war era. A Mig 21 F-13 from eastern Germany. A simple, yet pleasant Revell German kit on 1/72 scale. This time, a good workout for the difficult finishing in natural metal. I used Humbrol a[...]

Revell BAC Lightning F.6 – 1/72

Hi guys, after a long period of abstinence, I came back with an interesting and unusual British fighter from the cold war era. This Revell Lightning is a simple, easy-to-assemble kit, good for warm up after a standing period. A negative is the r[...]

Doyusha 1/12 Mercedes 450SL.

Hello Friends, after disappearing for a while, I returned with a different project. In the 80's, my father had a 450sl mercedes, in time he had to sell it for other life projects, but he always missed the car. This year, I decided to give to hi[...]

GPPSD IMPS Brazil annual convention 2015

Friends, here are some photos of the annual convention of modeling that takes place every month of December at São Paulo airbase, plus some medals won by my kits. Once I have, I'll post more photos. Enjoy. By the way, the 1972 Ford Maverick is m[...]

Revell 1/24 Mustang Boss 302 1970

Here is one of my top five muscle cars, 1970 Boss 302 Mustang. This Revell kit is very good about fitment, but the decals were an issue apart.The stripes break into pieces, I buy another kit with Boss and Mach 1 versions for use decals. I now ha[...]

Academy 1/48 F-4U Corsair

Another one of my favorite Warbirds, F4-U Corsair. This Academy kit is fairly detailed, in this scale it could be richer on details, however the fittings were well satisfactory requiring little putty. I buid it direct from the box, I use aluminu[...]
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