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Chilean Air Force F-16

November 12, 2015 in Aviation

This is F-16 represents the 2-seater version that was sold to Chile as part of the Peace Puma program. I built it from the Academy F-16I Sufa kit. It’s a really nice kit that goes together well and fairly easily. It has some things going for it over the over-engineered Tamiya kit. I used many photographic references for it and I think it turned out pretty well. I used Eduard photo-etched seat belts and an Aires Exhaust nozzle. The landing parachute was made using Sculpy and some spare brass. I added some hydraulic lines and a few other details, but that’s about it. I built it because I really like the paint scheme. It, too was in FSM.

By the way, that’s the Tamiya engine.

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14 responses to Chilean Air Force F-16

  1. Beautifully done, and you’re right – a great scheme! I’ve got a 1/72 Sufa kit that I plan on building as a Sufa, but now I’m thinking I want to get another and match your work here! What colors did you use for the camo scheme?

    By the way – your photography is great also, but would love to see more pics – better reference material! Yes – I “steal” most of my good ideas from the work of other/better modelers!! (sincerest form of flattery…?)

    • Hi Greg. Glad you like it. Go ahead and “steal” all you want. I am flattered. As far as the colors go, I basically mixed them myself using Tamiya and Polyscale paints. I found pics of the plane on the net and just tried to get as close as possible to the colors. I don’t remember the exact colors I used so I can’t really say. I usually buy a smaller scale model and experiment with the colors with it, first. I’ll check to see if I have any more photos.

  2. Really nice work, George. Is that brake ‘chute always uncovered like that – even while in flight – on the ‘real’ thing?

  3. WOW, George. A few superlatives off the top of my head: exquisite, elegant, magnificent, superb.

  4. Great articles from you in the past days, George.
    From all that superb modelling, this is my favourite. Such a cool subject and the modelling shows some heart and soul.

  5. Awesome F16 again mate. Very very impressive. It’s quite a rare choice of air force marking but one which will make it stand out from the crowd. I agree with you on the camo, really cool!

  6. Hello George,
    Very impressive Falcon. Indeed, the paint scheme is very interesting.
    The finish of the model is a master piece.

  7. I should built in next weeks the F16A from Kinetic models (1/48). I’m hoping such fantastic result, despite the fact it’s my first modern jet kit… Good and discrete paint scheme, love it.

    • Can’t wait to see your F-16. I love the F-16 and would like to build another 1/32. There is a S. Korean version I’d like to build that uses the U.S. Navy in-air re-fueling system. I like unusual subjects.

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