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J7W1 Shinden

November 26, 2015 in Aviation

Antique Hasegawa model kit of the legendary aircraft Shinden J7W1 in 1/48th scale.

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8 responses to J7W1 Shinden

  1. Outstanding craftsmanship….you do good work – I like it!

  2. Ricardo, haven’t seen one built in years! I like seeing the various pusher designs from the WW II time frame, Curtiss Ascender, Saab-, De Shelde.
    The Saab did the best, even being modified for a jet engine.
    Great job on an obscure subject. I was pleasantly surprised when it came out. Now, there’s a newer one from Zouki, really intricate. Too much for me, by the look of it.

  3. Ricardo, I built the Zoukei Mura version in 1/32 (a Headline article here a couple of years ago), and I can but admire the finishes you’ve achieved with this old Hasagawa kit in this scale. The Shinden is a delicate looking aircraft to model, and demands close attention in any scale.

  4. Well done Ricardo, this is one of those kits I’ve always considered but never built. Now I have a little more inspiration. Looks great !

  5. Nicely finished – as others have already said, you do excellent work, and I appreciate that fact that it’s not another Spitfire, 109, etc!

  6. Wow; I did not even have a clue about this aircraft. Looks very nice in the photos. Seems like your interest is in some unusual aircraft and very nicely finished, great skills required to achieve this.

  7. Very detailed and accurate work on this aircraft, especially on such an old kit.

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