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Scale Modelworld 2015 models – #12 (Armor)

November 17, 2015 in Show Reports

Time for the 12th and final part of my photo essay from the 2015 Scale Modelworld show. This also completes the overview of military vehicle models in the competition.

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51 additional images. Click to enlarge

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10 responses to Scale Modelworld 2015 models – #12 (Armor)

  1. What is (or rather was) that thing that’s wrecked about midway through the photo essay?

  2. It’s what left of a MRAP vehicle, (Mine Resistant Ambushed Protected) or M-ATV armored vehicle built by Oshkosh. This one wasn’t so.

  3. Again, a great selection of armour. I think there’s always more scope to create interesting scenes with armour than with aircraft. With the latter, it tends to be maintenance or wrecks. Naturally there are excellent examples in both cases, but because of their technical restrictions there are limitations in the way they can be depicted in vignettes/ dioramas, particularly with the addition of figures to give character to a scene.

    A big thank you to Martin and Halvar for taking the time to record and share these Telfird images over the past ten days.

    Cheers, guys.

  4. From somebody just getting into armour, just… wow.

    Inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Again – beautiful specimens on display here! The level of detail and weathering is astounding. Almost makes me want to model some armor (…almost!).

  6. Thank you twelve times over for all your pictures from Telford, Martyn.

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