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My work bench

December 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday Craig expressed a wish to see my workspace, I took these photos last summer, it still much the same but now the pint racks are full.
I’ve still to finish the bench, the units you see are made by a Polish company called Hobbyzone. I needs to add some more units; Stage 1 will be to add another 6 units, stage 2 will be to add 8 to 10 units all though Stage 2 might be split into two sub stages.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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10 responses to My work bench

  1. An amazing work space!!! I have to make do with a corner in the old garage!!! I wish I had such an organised space to build my models!!! Happy modeling in 2016

  2. That’s a really great place for modeling!

  3. Very nicely organised Michelle, I have heard of this Polish company before.
    I may look in to it a bit more if we have to move.

  4. For those that want o have a look at the full range

    I must add I have nothing to do with company other than being a satisfied customer

  5. Thanks for sharing, Michelle….but it’s just too neat. 🙂 If I ever straightened out/cleaned up my work space, I’d never find anything! lol

  6. Michelle, that’s a nice workshop! I see Kitty in the window. Mine do the same thing.

  7. Well organized, beautiful work space, i think i should take example from you… Till now, i don’t want to show my table with the mess…

  8. Before I had the units I would accumulate clutter till I was working in 6″ square, then I would have to blitz clean the bench 🙂

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