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F-3D snoopy flys again

April 5, 2016 in Aviation

This the 1/72 Matchbox old F-3D, so old that the decals were useless other wise I would have used them. I kit bashed the decals from various sheets to represent one from Marine squadron VMCJ-1 operated out of Da Nang S.Viet. by then the Skyknight were designated EF-10B’s, ref. was an old issue of Air Combat magazine , A very basic kit , little detail, but affordable for me..

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14 responses to F-3D snoopy flys again

  1. Nice rendition of a aircraft not often modeled…wish there was a new-tool example available (48th would be nice).

  2. Encore/ squadron models& Czech models on ebay now not sure about quality .

  3. Nice build, Robert!

    Say what you will about those Matchbox kits, but they are usually pretty accurate, they’re simple, they don’t cost much and they model some neat and unusual subjects. Can’t ask for much more than that!

  4. Memories of youth years !

  5. Shucks, I’m just happy they put one out. Friend of mine in elementary school had one in some small scale, no idea whose, maybe Comet? I remember it had sparrows under the wings, and was on a stand. The wave of the future! I was enthralled! Glad to see one built, well done!

  6. Nice work, Robert. Those old kits are still fun, and decent replicas for their time. Yours came out great. Like you said, decals are almost always a problem when aged. Sometimes it’s just better to get reprints to begin with.

  7. Looks great! I’ve got one of these in the stash, and found a nice set of decals for a couple different versions. Stubby little thing, but there’s just something about it…

  8. Looks really good Robert. There are some real gems among the older kits & you’ve shown what can be done with a bit of effort. Re the 1/48 kit – I’ve seen one built by a club friend; I think it was from Special Hobby & looked really good although expensive for the time.

  9. Very neat job on this old kit, Robert.

  10. Good job man! I love the obscure types and Matchbox often was the only game in town. You did a great job.

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