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Hobbycraft+ 1:48 F8F-1 Bearcat

April 4, 2016 in Aviation

When my friend Jim Sullivan sent me the photo of the NAS Glenview Bearcat, I knew that was the one I wanted to replicate. Fortunately, SuperScale has those markings on their sheet 48-1008.

I possessed both the Hobbycraft and Hobby Boss F8F-1 kits, but decided to go with the former because I didn’t like the look of the latter’s thick wings, rivets and a few other shape issues. I did, however, use a number of the Hobby Boss parts, which were better detailed: gun sight, roll-over frame, and main landing gear struts/doors. I also used a bunch of other aftermarket items: Quickboost engine, Obscureco engine cowling, Barracuda resin wheels, and Eduard PE cockpit set. Paints are Model Master enamels for the Dark Sea Blue and International Orange. Final clear coat is 2-to-1 mix of Tamiya spray gloss and semigloss, decanted and airbrushed. Decals are Hobby Boss for the small stencils and SuperScale for everything else. However, the V’s and 18’s were oversized, so I redid them on the computer and had them ALPS printed by Joseph Osborn of Fireball Modelworks.


6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to Hobbycraft+ 1:48 F8F-1 Bearcat

  1. Pip, I always enjoy a well done Bearcat and you have done a very good one here. I really like your scheme and paint finish. Very nice !

  2. Excellent job on a great cat.

  3. Looks terrific, Pip….Jim has helped me out in the past as well. A good guy indeed.

  4. Bearcat, beautiful build in GSB.

  5. This build proves that there is no accurate OOB for a Bearcat in 1/48. Every manufacture seems to mess up on the cowling and then some…
    However,Pip has managed to correct the fatal flaws and up come with a winner.

    Two thumbs up

    • OOB …meaning you can’t by a kit off the shelf.

    • Thanks, Stephen, and everyone else, for your kind comments. I’m afraid you’re right — there’s no way to build an accurate F8F, either -1 or -2, from any of the three 1:48 kits OOB. My build probably wouldn’t satisfy a truly obsessed Bearcat fanatic, but I think for most of us there’s not too much glaringly wrong.

  6. Very nice looking, subtle chips, nice paint. Sleek looking kitty!

  7. You obviously did a lot of research before building this, and your careful use of aftermarket accessories, together with your modelling skills, have resulted in an impressive model.

  8. That’s a good-lookin’ Bearcat!

  9. Hello Pip…Thanks for sharing your fine Bearcat build. She turned out quite nicely as your equally good photography demonstrates. I look forward to seeing more of your models down the line….perhaps something with a bent wing…..sorry about that, I just couldn’t help myself.

  10. Again, I really appreciate all the comments — thanks!

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