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Tu-142MR Trumpeter 1/72

June 23, 2016 in Aviation

I suggest to watch my model of Russian long-range antisubmarine aircraft Tu-142ะœR, manufacturer Trumpeter, 1/72 scale. The model is big, 70*70 cm Kit has its pros and cons, but overall it is good.
To model a rotating propeller, wheel, gun in the tail is moving. There are a number of inaccuracies in the geometry, but this does not prevent the perception of the model. Please!

8 additional images. Click to enlarge

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37 responses to Tu-142MR Trumpeter 1/72

  1. Bear in the air! When I was a young sailor that was the call, and if there was not flight ops going on everyone would come on deck to watch the Tomcats escort one past the ship! Great build and yes you captured the look just fine!

  2. A beautiful model Dmitry. I particularly like the natural metal finish & the way it shows up on the dark blue background to your pictures. Most impressive.

  3. Excellent work, Dmitry….really nice job on the finish. I like it.

  4. Just gorgeous! Love the variation in metal and all the paint work. Do you store it out on the carport?! It is huge.

  5. Big pretty airplane or a pretty big airplane. A big airplane that is real nice.

  6. ๐Ÿ™‚ … Greetings … ๐Ÿ™‚ :
    Very nice work on that BEAR Dmitry.
    The metal finish look turned out just fine as well as the different shades of metal.
    The blue background is just fitting for it, it does not seem to reflect on it on a negative way.
    Nice work.

  7. Impressive model, even in 1/72.

  8. Phil, DE4EVER, Rob, thanks for the feedback! I do all my model photographed on a blue background. It stresses the model.

  9. Dmitry, beautifully done! Outstanding finish!

  10. Some really strong work of a Russian Icon. Dmitry do have another kit or a reference that could be photographed to show the size? It appears to be bigger than a bread box.
    Two thumbs up on the Bear.

  11. Very nice work Dmitry! The natural metal effect is wonderful and the soot stains very convincing! We’ve had the An-124 at EAA here in Oshkosh, but I really wish a Bear would make an appearance one day! Not just to see one, but to hear and feel the power! (I’ve heard they’re very loud!) Also while I’m wishing, having the An-225 show up would be awesome too!

  12. Nice bear! I believe they still fly these on exercise over the North Sea. I’ve not been lucky enough to see one yet, though I imagine they will probably be at high altitude.
    That’s a fantastic bare metal finish you’ve achieved, very impressive. I must admit I am enjoying your posts!

  13. Lovely model Dmitry, I have their 1/144 version to do sometime, maybe.

  14. That must be huge, Did you have to buy extra paint ?. Dmitry, You have done an excellent build here. Very Nice !

  15. Well done Dmitry, cannot add to what has already been said. Huge even in this scale. The natural finish, the images presented very well. I bet it was a task to get the whole airframe into the image. Now an F-14 parked next to it for size reference. (or a MiG-29 will do). Thanks for sharing

  16. Friends, thank you all for the attention which you paid to my models!

  17. Very nice, superb finish with the paint work. I have seen one of these kits built up, and they are yoooooooge! Everything’s done right with yours.

  18. Great model, Dmitry, thanks for sharing it with us, I’m sure your friend must be very pleased.

  19. Beautiful job!!!!
    I can’t believe it’s 1/72 scale….must be huge!!!!!!

  20. Master piece by excellent modeller.

  21. Great work! The Bear is always impressive!

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