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Albatros W4 in the Red Army, Roden 1:72

February 22, 2017 in Aviation

The model is dedicated to the holiday on February 23 “Red Army Day”, to replenish the Water Wings group build

The picture shows the “Albatros W4» flying in the sky of Sevastopol in 1919. “Albatros W4» was a rare aircraft in the Red Army. These aircraft were trophies in the liberation of Crimea.
The original set of plastic firm Rodin terrible. I do not recommend this set.

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18 responses to Albatros W4 in the Red Army, Roden 1:72

  1. O.M.G.! (ok – this almost makes me want to pack up my modeling tools and retire!) What exquisite work in 72 scale – the wood work, rigging, everything about the finish is immaculate. As a bonus, the entire look of the aircraft is lithe and sleek, and the color combination of the lozenge camo, wood grain and light green color just make it a standout! I take off my cap to you!

  2. I take MY hat off to you as well….not only for the exquisite build, but all that RIGGING – I’d never make it through the process – I just know it! AND in 72nd scale….unbelievable!

  3. Very nicely done! I can rarely see float plane, even from WW I… I like your clean finish and this marking is simply eye-magnetic.

  4. Pavel, that is absolutely unbelievable. The finesses and painting and rigging are museum quality, and in that scale? You have a real gift.

  5. Pavel, I can only echo what’s already been said. This is absolutely beautiful !

  6. Great work on an elegant aircraft!

  7. Beautiful work Pavel, and rigging in 1/72! Question, was the lozenge camo paint or decals?

  8. It looks so fragile, Pavel, it’s hard to believe that the real thing was strong enough to take off and land on water.

  9. All I can say is another fine example of your modelling skills Pavel.

  10. It’s all been said – elegant, delicate and beautiful – also a unique build. Outstanding!

  11. A lovely, bright model of an unusual subject. Great job.

  12. Wow. Not much else to say that’s not been said already. I can’t imagine being able to do what you’ve done here. Just incredible!

  13. Well done, I like very much the pattern of the wood

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