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General Dynamics F-16XL,Monogram 1/72

February 3, 2017 in Aviation

Got this online awhile back, I think its been in my current stash the longest. Always liked the aircraft, built it wheels up because some of the gear pieces were broken , replaced missing wing tip missile rails ,loaded out for air to air, borrowed stand from monograms F7F. Decals are part kit and part stash. Thanks guys.

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9 responses to General Dynamics F-16XL,Monogram 1/72

  1. I like it !, something almost sinister looking about the delta wing on these.
    Good work Robert !

  2. Nice little build, Robert….I like it.

  3. I always liked that wing configuration, I was sorry they didn’t pursue it into full scale development. Just a neat looking plane!

  4. Nice work! Even if due to poor circumstances (broken parts) I’m glad to see another wheels-up project. I never have gotten used to the delta Falcon – just seemed like a poor interpretation of the nimble looking F-16! I love Mirages, but a Mirage Falcon just never set well with me. Too each his own I suppose…

  5. Looks like a very clean and neat build there, Robert.

  6. Nice and sharp build, Robert !

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