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Pirana,The Man from Uncle Spy car 1/24

April 28, 2017 in Automotive

Bitten by the nostalgia bug when AMT reissued this kit, I quickly acquired one, not realizing that the packaging was better then the kit, or maybe I shouldn’t do autos,I couldn’t wait to finish it. this kit was so fiddly and ill fitting I almost tossed it. Plus the dreaded orange peel paint. The gull wing doors are supposed to function, I ended up gluing them shut. The real car was featured a few times on an old sixties spy show, The Man from Uncle.

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12 responses to Pirana,The Man from Uncle Spy car 1/24

  1. Not a big fan of that particular show (either that, or I don’t remember watchin’ it)….but I’ve never seen that car before – I don’t think. Anyhow, what was the basis for the custom? What was it before the metamorphosis?

  2. ‘The packaging was better than the kit’ will stay with me for some while. 😆

  3. I remember the show – don’t remember the car. Did they really drive around in turquoise? Some spies!

  4. Bob, that’s a neat looking car, and you did a good job on it! What is that color? I’m gonna get me a couple of bottles!
    I remember the series, Robert Vaughn being suave, and his sidekick with the Russian name, who was a Scot. (!) (David McCallum) With Leo G. Carroll ((of Topper fame) as their boss. I’m shocked I remember this stuff, when I forget what I had for lunch yesterday. Some weird gene.

  5. HaHaHa! Like Rob said, I’ll sure remember “The packaging was better than the kit” for a long time!
    Bernie, Illya Kuryakin – (pardon any of my Russian misspelling!) was David McCallum’s (Duckie/Ducky) character.
    Like others, I remember the series but not the car. It wouldn’t have mattered to me what colour it was as we had a B&W TV at the time of “The Man From UNCLE.”
    Great job on the awful kit. You sure made it better than maybe it should be! LoL!

  6. Jeff, agree that is a great quote by Rob. Like some women I met back in my misspent yuth’. Our TV at the time was also in glorious black & white.

  7. I remember this kit, I remember the rocket launchers in the door. Very cool to a 10 year old.

  8. As cars go it’s hardly the best looking, but you made the most of this kit.

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