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Sopwith Camel – More or Less

August 11, 2017 in Aviation

I’ve completed the empennage and lower wing of this 1:16 model. If I’d taken the photos a week ago you would have seen a real dog’s dinner, but somehow it all came right.

I’d mentioned previously that I probably wouldn’t include images of the lower wing, but as it happens there’s enough difference between it and the upper plane that I decided it merited a couple of record shots. The rudder and elevator are crimped to adjacent areas to allow movement, and there’s additional rigging for the empennage at a later stage.


8 additional images. Click to enlarge

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16 responses to Sopwith Camel – More or Less

  1. Geeze – I get worn out just looking at your in-progress shots! Looking great though…!

  2. I dunno what to say….without an explanation, I’d be wonderin’ what I wuz lookin’ at. 🙁

  3. Beautiful work!
    Is it to fly or just static?

  4. Beautiful, Rob! The detail is terrific.

  5. Beautiful job Rob. Do you have to form and solder the metal parts?

  6. Like the naked look. Makes it look organic in a way.

  7. Wow its really a heroic build Rob
    I’m sure its gonna turn out very nicely .a technical model

  8. Beautiful progress Rob !!!!

  9. It looks quite delicate, Rob, but I’m guessing that the finished sections are actually quite strong.

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