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Tamiya FW-190 A3 > A2 1/72

August 4, 2017 in Aviation

The aircraft, “blue 2″ of Leopold (Poldi) Wenger was stationed in Caen-Carpiquet France in the middle of August 1942. This plane has no outer armor in the wings, probably to compensate the weight of the bomb.
On 19 August 1942, Wenger made a crash landing with this plane after an unsuccessful takeoff.
Decals: Kagero Topcolors #15038 „FW 190s over Europe Part II”
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13 responses to Tamiya FW-190 A3 > A2 1/72

  1. I admire your ability to turn out models to such a consistently high standard, something I can never do!

  2. Beautiful work once again! Always enjoy seeing your posts.

  3. Your presentations are stunning,Andreas – as are your models. And in 72nd scale….even more impressive.

  4. Andreas…..OUTSTANDING work.
    Although not a fan of vignettes, I really like yours. Not overdone, yet very realistic.
    ALL good.

  5. Andreas – another stunningly detailed 1/72 scale model. Really great work. I’ve followed Poldi Wenger’s exploits with JG 2 during the 42/43 tip and run raids on the British south coast and have been planning to do his A-3 and A-5 a/c in 1/48 scale at some point. I know how long it takes to complete these models to the high quality you achieve, but like many others who admire your work, rarely achieve the perfection you’ve managed. Fantastic!

  6. Really nice ! always love your setting.

  7. Thank you to all of you!

  8. Great work. I love the brake lines and other L/G details you’ve added.

  9. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Looks good Andreas, well done.

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