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Parnall Panther (1921), 1/32 Scratchbuild

November 16, 2017 in Show Reports

I had a look through Martin’s aircraft posts from Telford but didn’t see this one listed unless I overlooked it, so apologies if duplicated.

I think the modeller is Italian but don’t know anything else about it apart from the fact that it is absolutely superb. Photos reposted from another forum but photographer isn’t known to me to credit.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge

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10 responses to Parnall Panther (1921), 1/32 Scratchbuild

  1. Outstanding ! If it had been posted before, I certainly missed it. Thanks, Rob.

  2. I’m with Joe – I think this is its’ 1st post. It is an outstanding replica of a plane I’ve never heard about. Well done, Mr. Builder & Mr. Unknown Photographer!
    And thanks for posting this, Rob.

  3. Anyone who can sit down at the bench and create something like this from scratch certainly has MY admiration. Yes Sir!

  4. Wow. Right up there with an Alcorn original for quality.

  5. This one is amazing !!! I have never even heard of such a plane much less would even think about attempting to build one …… This one is far beyond my skill set.

  6. You’re entirely right Rob, I remember seeing it but missed it entirely during the photoshoot.:) A deserving addition no doubt!

    • One thing I did notice here, is that unless the photo was taken prior to midday Saturday when the area closed for judging, then this fine model went without recognition from the judges, but we’ll see when the Classes are published in the next IPMS magazine.

  7. It’s awesome! Thanks, Rob, for showing us this.

  8. Gentlemen,
    Thank very much for your nice comments. My Parnall is far from being perfect anyway.

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