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Charles M. McCorkindale’s P-51B

December 10, 2017 in Aviation

Tamiya P-51B to do the P-51B “Betty Jane” flown by Charles M. McCorkindale, CO of the 31st Fighter Group in Italy, around June 1944 at the end of the Battle of Ploesti. McCorkindale joined the USAAC in 1936 and flew P-26s with the 20th Pursuit Group until they transferred to P-36As and then P-40Cs. He scored 5 victories in the Spitfire VIII and 6 in the P-51B during the “Battles of Ploesti” in May-June 1944. It was common in the 31st FG to follow the RAF tradition of the group commander using his initials for his ID.

Aeromaster decals. The 110-gallon metal tanks came from a Monogram F-80 kit. The 108 gallon paper tanks were only used in the 8th and 8th AFs in England.

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11 responses to Charles M. McCorkindale’s P-51B

  1. Tom, nice “B”, always like these in the NMF, or painted, or D version, alright “I like mustangs”!. As a modeler I’m impressed with the stripes on the tail (I’m guessing are painted on, they look like they are). For years I had a lot of trouble doing any kind of combo of stripes, it wasn’t until the last few years I overcame my avoidance of stripes and actually succeeded in accomplishing this feat. I’m very impressed with the application here, of not only going over the tail but getting the angles right for the stabilizers as well. Only us model guys get that ! Nice work !

  2. Another great “B” bird, good heads up on the wing tanks.

  3. I learned something with this article about the wing tanks……… Never knew that. I agree with Robert, that’s a good heads up.

    As your usual, this is a great build and article. I like it a lot………….


  4. As I recall, I believe the Collings Foundation used these markings on their “new” P-51B, but is configured as a dual-seater. Nice rendition, TC.

  5. Another fine P-51. Awesome collection, Tom.

  6. That tail striping is a tour de force.

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