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Ferrari 126CK

January 13, 2018 in Automotive

Ferrari 126CK, 1/20 Fujimi kit, painted with Tamiya spray cans and acrylics/Humbrol enamel.

I added some detail, photo-etched bolts and nuts, Studio27 seatbels, wires, cables and other engine and mechanical details.

I hope you like it.

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16 responses to Ferrari 126CK

  1. Pedro, Looks very nice, I really like that you added the markings on the tires ! When was the time period for this car ?

  2. Stunning build AND photography, Pedro….good work all around. 🙂

  3. Looks good Pedro, nicely detailed.

  4. Hi Pedro, I haven’t yet built any of Fujimi’s F1 cars, only their 1/24 sports cars, but this one looks terrific, very neatly finished and detailed by you. Gilles is my favourite F1 driver of all time and would undoubtedly have been world champion but for that fateful accident at Zolder in qualifying for the Belgian GP………… a huge pity.

  5. Very glamorous looking vehicle!

  6. VERY well done, Pedro! I like the chalk info on the tires. I’ve seen the same type markings on the tires (tyres) they use here in Indianapolis. These markings plus many other tiny bits of EXTRA realism are what we called in the Army ‘Attention to detail.’


  7. Superb finish. Very well done Pedro.

  8. Cracking job. Nice one Pedro.

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