Top 2 articles on Heinkel He 70 - a German mail plane and fast passenger aircraft of the 1930s, that also saw use in auxiliary bomber and reconnaissance roles.

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He-70F-2 Blitz

by Dmitry Stropalov on July 12, 2014 in Aviation -- 10 Comments

This year is full of anniversaries. This model was made in the memory of war that has ended 75 years ago – a Spanish Civil War. This He-70 was the part of Legion Condor. The kit from ICM in 1/72 […]


Horse of a different color Cavalier Mustang 1/48 Tamiya conversion

Build a couple years ago, I was unpacking this from the trip back from the IPMS Nats in Orlando, and thought I’d get a couple pics before putting it back in the display case. I have many happy memories of […]