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Creepy Crawly...DONE!

September 17, 2019 · in Automotive · · 15 · 2K

What a fun kit! The final assembly fought me a bit as the windshield did not fit well, but I got it in and some future brushed on with a soft brush cleared it up. I left off the radiator that sits in the middle of the body on top, as I felt it really disrupted the lines of the car. Decals worked very well for being about 20 years old, and unlike some old decals settled down well with microsol. Last picture is T'rantula with its' stable mates from Monogram, Red Baron and Lil' Coffin. No beer in this post as it's a bit early in the day even for me!

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  1. Very cool Rob ! Now that's a wild color. Almost like a Candy Apple Green.

    It looks great sitting next to the others... What ? No Hemi in it ? That looks like a big block Ford to me...

    Well done buddy.

  2. It is a big block Ford! And the color is Tamiya Candy Lime Green over Gold. This was followed by coats of Tamiya clear green mixed with clear yellow and thinned almost to a water like consistency. Lastly plain clear thinned way down with Mr Leveling thinner. I love painting with decanted Tamiya TS spray paints, cut with Kleen Strip laquer thinner. It is almost fool proof, and dries hard as nails!

  3. Far out Dude! Looks great, as do they all. here's my take on the Red Baron that I did awhile ago.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Turned out great, Rob...nice work.

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    A stunner Rob, you have just done a beautiful clean and sharp work on this model.
    The Candy Lime Green looks so brilliant and shiny and the extra webbing's give it a cool look.

  6. Very nice Rob. Great paint job. The same for all of them.

  7. Great to see this Rob! Nice work particularly on the colours!

  8. Very cool! I still have to say, that shot of the front end and the "4 eyes" just gives me a tab bit of the creeps... The new iPhone ain't got nuthin' on this!

  9. Wow that is awesome! Feel like you took a picture of a Hot Wheel car. Great job.

  10. Thanks again guys, when I get time I will post an article on my method to get the finish I get on my cars. I only recently stumbled upon it, it is great for those of us used to doing military finishes!

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