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1/48th Tamiya Kawanishi Shiden N1K1 “George” PTO WWII

An excellent fighter in the hands of a skilled pilot. A design that has it’s origin from the Kyofu seaplane. Kawanishi saw the potential in it’s performance on paper and with that and without the authorization of the Navy decided […]


1/48 Hasegawa P-38J Lightning “Journey’s End”

by Tolga ULGUR on February 6, 2016 in Aviation -- 17 Comments

This is 1/48 Hasegawa P-38J Lightning with the markings of “Journey’s End” flown by Lt Col Joseph Meyer from 38th FS, 55th FG Nuthampstead AB England in November 1943. Cockpit modified by Eduard instrument panel and Ultracast resin seat Others […]


Airfix 172 Lightnings

by mark poulton on December 1, 2015 in Aviation -- 9 Comments

Carrying on my Airfix love affair, I eagerly waited the new Lightning when it was released. I have built several of the 1/48 scale ones and they were/are superb models and a delight to build. I asked Santa for an […]


1/32 Scale Trumpeter English Electric Lightning F.Mk1 RAF Coltishall 1963

by Eric Galliers on July 26, 2015 in Aviation -- 30 Comments

Modifications to back date the kit to a Mk1: Removal of the wiring conduit running 3/4 of the length of the fuselage Scratchbuilt Instrument panel. Corrections and additions to the kit: Reshaping of the fuselage area underneath the windshield Removal […]


F-5E Photo Recon

by Ralph Clements on May 10, 2015 in Aviation -- 12 Comments

Here’s my just completed, fresh baked, F-5E Photo Recon, an Italeri 1/48 kit. I read some reviews of this kit after I bought it and before I started it that had me worried, but it really went together good. I’m […]


Academy P-38J 1/72

by Greg Kittinger on March 30, 2015 in Aviation -- 10 Comments

This is a 2009 build. I was still finishing in semi-gloss back then, and didn’t do much weathering – just some turbo exhaust and fuel stains, no panel wash or other shading/weathering. I thought the rocket launcher tubes were interesting […]


1/48 Minicraft F-5E Lightning

by Tom Bebout on February 25, 2015 in Aviation -- 16 Comments

So a co-worker throws this kit on my desk and states I hear you build models, got this for $10 so have some fun. Well who wouldn’t want to build one of the most successful reconnaissance aircraft from WWII, and […]


A Lightning Build

by Scott Nelson on October 26, 2014 in Aviation -- 15 Comments

The eighth model I’ve finished this year, this is the old Hasegawa Lightning F Mk. 6 in 1/72 scale. The kit parts fit together quite well but, detail is lacking by today’s standards. The intake has almost no depth, the […]


1/48 Lightning F.2A

by John Healy on October 11, 2014 in Aviation -- 17 Comments

Here’s a few more photos of the Airfix Lightning I posted last week. The camera was feeling cooperative this morning. If it’s your first time seeing it, it’s finished with Floquil Bright Silver and various Humbrol enamels. Thanks for looking.


1/48 Lightning F.2A

by John Healy on October 3, 2014 in Aviation -- 23 Comments

This is the 1/48 Airfix Lightning finished as “King Cobra” , 92Sq. Squadron Leader’s aircraft, RAF Germany, 1972. I built it from the recent Airfix re-issue of the 1997 vintage kit. This is the release that you want to get […]