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Letov S-231 1:72 KPspanish civil war

November 28, 2015 · in Aviation · · 21 · 3.5K

Hi everyone!

This ismy small scale Letov S-231 built from an old . I have some deep memories about KP kits because then practically these manufactirers (KP, SMER, Novo, WEB Plasticart and ZTS) meant modeling to us (behind the old "iron curtain" before the '90s). Especially KP which could be found practically everywhere. This kit is from those times, I found in my stash in a plastic bag with old decals and no istructions :).I remember the frustrations as a child tried to build this kit (oh, those wing struts...!). This time I was curious what can I do with this old c**p... sorry old craft. I reworked the surfaces, made a new engine and something that resembles better to a cockpit,guns and so on. The original plane had an interesting carreer in spain and I like the era as modeling subject. I fashioned a small vignette to add some interest to the plane, added a volunteer guardian and an obviously red simpathizer women with her dog. Hope You like it 馃檪

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  1. It amazes me the folks who can work in that scale and turn out great-looking builds to boot - especially with rigging, no less. Nice job, Ga'bor.

  2. Gabor, what a neat airplane! And in a certainly unfamiliar color scheme.
    I remember all the companies you mentioned. Over here, they were really rare finds, though there was a local Squadron Shop that had unique items.
    It was that, or arrange a trade with a pen friend in Europe. A friend gave me 2 KPs his Dad picked up on a visit to the old country. Single and 2 seater trainer S-199s.
    Nice human touch with the figures. Guard duty is easier with diversions.

  3. I remember those old kits. Used to trade American rock records with a fellow subscriber to Small Air Forces Observer for KP kits - my blow against Stalinism. I hope they got played till they couldn't be played any more. 馃檪

  4. Thank You! It's really great reading these stories from those times from differend viewpoints 馃檪 I easily could give 10KP kits for a single Airfix back then :D. And thank You for the kind comments. Recently I turn to 1:48 (so much room for details) but the one-true scale will be always my favourite 馃槈

  5. great build i like!
    I did my late eighties.

  6. Very nice indeed, especially at that scale.

  7. Another unusual modelling subject, nicely presented.

  8. Excellent work, great model!

  9. Great build Gabor , another fine pre "iron curtain " kit.
    Well done mate.

  10. very pretty ...very nice model...a treat to look at

  11. WOW that is a beautiful little gem. Clean assembly, smooth paint, perfect rigging. Love the prop. Best 1/72 anything I've seen in a while. The little figures are great too. Outstanding.

  12. Gabor - please don't stop building in 1/72 - my only scale! I love your work, and this little gem is just another stunning example and encouragement for me to tackle a similar subject. I have lots of old kits - KP included - and believe I have this same one in my stash. Your work is my reference material!

    I love the work you did on the prop - did you use a French curve to cut the swirls into the tape, freehand it, or what?

    • Thank You Greg! I pre-drawed the mask by pencil with free hand and cut by an x-acto no.11 blade. One of my friend figured out a more simplier solution: he paint the propwith a light sade of brown (or sand) and simply draws the wood pattern with colour pencil 馃檪 if not satisfied just wipe off with some watered tissue. When finished he seals all with some coat of varnish - I will try this method so innovative 馃榾 like that old story about the space ballograf vs. pencil 馃檪

  13. Gabor, this aircraft is new to me. Although I started modeling over 55 years ago, here in Midwest America, in Indiana, I never heard of any of the kit makers you mentioned. This has been VERY informative.

    Thanks for posting. I really enjoy your pictures and your write-ups. It makes these interesting, previously unknown aircraft - to me - so much more interesting!

    PS - the woman is almost sexy, she's so well done! (NO - I'm NOT a weirdo pervert! HaHaHa!) As my friend Bernie said, "Guard duty is easier with diversions." Having done a LOT of guard duty, I agree wholeheartedly!

    • Thank You! These kit makers are very - how I can say - "East European" so I'm not surprised that You haven't heard about them. KP is still in business (and recently resurrecting - making very nice new tooled kits) so give them a try if You like rare types.

  14. Your approach on this build made this into a super great looking build! You took a kit that is not bad to begin with but made it into something really nice. Great job.

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