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Czech Models 1/48 scale F3D-2 Skyknight

November 21, 2012 · in Aviation · · 7 · 3.9K

Hello all,
this is the Czech models 48 scale finished OOB with kit markings for VF-14. This kit was a lesson in using every tool in your tool box lol !


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  1. I have always wanted to build this kit- hard to choose between GSB and the all over black night fighter finish (USMC)...
    Very nice!

  2. I had considered trying one of these after seeing the segment on "Dogfights" (I love that program) entitled 'Nightfighters'. using "...every tool in your toolbox...", am I to assume it was no piece of cake?

    The Czech Models T-33 I did sure wasn't a "shake n' bake" kit either - kinda put me off that manufacturer. Your display idea looks good!

  3. Given just how difficult I know this kit is, you have done some masterful work here to get this very very nice result.

  4. Beautiful! Do you have any hints to make the build easier for me? I have the kit, but it is awaiting good counsel to make it to the work bench.

  5. Michael,
    Get a lot of sanding sticks and wood clamps lol. It is just like any other limited run kit. My fuselage halves were warped and took some superglue and so persuasion for them to come together. The canopy was a bear as the 3 pieces were different thicknesses. So getting them to line up is a bear. If you look on in the workbench section you can see my build as well as my buddies build of the same kit.


  6. Andrew,
    I had seen this kit when it was out and was tempted but passed on it as I felt it was a bit of a sow's ear. Your work is masterful and you definitely turned this into a silk purse. I really like this.

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