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Otaki Tojo

An old Otaki kit that I had some fun with a few years ago. I love finding things like this at contest swap meets and entering them the next year!

4 responses to Otaki Tojo

  1. Good point. I also find that all the “planned” kit purchases are not nearly as tempting to build than impulse-bought second hand kits. Don’t ask me why…

  2. So true! I am doing up a Hase version of this little guy. Easy to put together but that NMF requires perfection!

  3. I too am always enticed by my second hand buys before my purpose built “new” purchases! Why I built my second hand He-111H22 (posted a while back) before my PB-1W is beyond me! Maybe the challenge to complete what someone else gave up on?

  4. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to tell people that the kit they have presented is great!- Sorry that I went on about myself there and didn’t touch on your kit!

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