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1/32 Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat

December 3, 2012 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3.3K

Mostly OOB, I added the fuel tank under the cockpit floor. You can't really see it unless you look through the windows on the lower fuselage, but I know it is
Paint is Mr. Color, and floquil. Decals by superscale.


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  1. Now that right there's a nice job. Simply done, not "over-stated", yet very well accented and finished. Subtle panel lines and weathering are just right. The base is just the right touch to complete the presentation. Well-done, Rob.

  2. Like Craig said, right on the money. Good job.

  3. I REALLY like that finish - I want to do my little Tamiya up the same way.

  4. It's a very nice model, indeed. FWIW, color photos of sun-faded USN airplanes in this scheme show a more blue tint to the upper surface, though it goes toward the grey end of the spectrum with fading. Not a complaint or anything, just additional information.

    • That could be just a result of skewed white balance in the pics if they were taken under incandescent light, or anything else about the camera's "auto" white-balance. Colors on a color photo can be just about anything 🙂

  5. Another thing on the FWIW list, the drop tanks were primarily used by carrier-based Wildcats. Those based at places like Guadalcanal didn't need the extra range or have the time for fitting them. Again, not a complaint.

    • Hey, who knows...? Maybe this particular bird had to be fitted with wing tanks for whatever reason. It coulda happened, right? There had to be at least ONE land-based Wildcat somewhere that looked like this, I'm sure. Anyhow, I think it's a nice job and I think it looks GOOD with drop tanks on it.

  6. Thanks for the comments. I was trying to match photos with the paint...The bad; not to many pics of VF-6's aircraft, or at least that I could find. What B&Ws of VF-6 I found, the aircraft appeared in a shadow. I found some color shots of wildcats on the deck...They were pretty faded out so I went with what I saw. I applied the tanks as this was a carrier bird...At first I thought land based but the tail stripe says carrier. The text below had a photo with is not my text so credit to whom ever...

    "Machinist Donald E. Runyon, USN,

    of Fighting Squadron Six (VF-6)

    On board USS Enterprise (CV-6), 10 September 1942, during the Guadalcanal campaign.

    He is standing by the tail of his F4F-4 (Bureau # 5193, VF-6's # 13), which is decorated with a "tombstone" containing 41 "meatballs", each representing a Japanese plane claimed by the squadron.

    Runyon was one of the leading F4F "Aces", credited with shooting down 8 Japanese aircraft while flying "Wildcats".

  7. I'll second all the nice things others have said, very good finish and shading on the model, with commendable results.

  8. That's a very nice Wildcat. The weathering is quite well done I'd say. Great job!

  9. Not much to add to the comments of others, Rob, but that is one honey of a Wildcat. The base sets it off in striking fashion. I have a couple of the Trumpeter kits in the stash myself and was wondering whether you have any advice based on your experience with the kit. Did you encounter any issues with the build?

  10. Erik,
    Be careful around the wing fold...if you put the wings out, the fold joint is weak. Fill it up and re-enforce the joint. If you close the gun doors... re-enforce the joint. My kit was an old issue. It had the corrected fuselage, but trumpeter did not adjust the firewall. The fit at this point is off. In hind sight I would have left the flaps down. There were bothersome to close.

  11. Okay Rob, thanks! I'll keep that in mind when the time comes to put mine on the bench.

  12. Very well done!

  13. Rob,
    I am always a fan of the Wildcat, regardless whether or not the color is correct. No will ever really know the truth except those that were there at the time and they were too busy trying to stay alive to give a C-rap about colors. Excellent job.

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