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1/48 Hasegawa SEAC P-47 Thunderbolt

December 20, 2012 · in Aviation · · 5 · 3.2K

This kit was pretty much complete as a natural metal SEAC , I just had to install the landing gear, canopy, etc. It was at this point that I notice that the Alcad finish had crazed in several places. Upon closer inspection I discovered that the anti-glare panel and blue wing strips had also crazed but much more severely. I decided to sand the finish back, I spray with Mr. Surfacer and then repaint. Unfortunately it didn't work.

After several months I stripped the finish off with oven cleaner and Isopropyl alcohol. I then resprayed leaving a week between the various coats. Only to find the finish cracked yet again a few days after the Future was applied! Armed with a fresh bottle of Future I started over yet again. This time while striping the finish I cracked fuselage just ahead of the cockpit, but I was undeterred, this was repaired with superglue and sanded smooth.

I resprayed the Alcad finish over a coat of Mr. Surfacer but after so many mishaps the Alclad only served to highlight a multitude surface problems. I decided to repaint the kit in a camouflage SEAC version which would be more forgiving of the damage done to the plastic through all the stripping and sanding. Everything was proceeding well until I dropped the kit on the floor! The fuselage split open along the seam line but even worse the cockpit was completely knocked loose and separated. I had no choice but to open up the kit at the wings and repair the damage, but they had been super glued. Out with the Mr. Surfacer, sand, mask, repaint. Thankfully that was my last mishap (to date) and while this kit upon close inspection shows the wear and tear of the build, at a distance it works. Now I'm just waiting to knock it off the shelf accidentally since I am sure it is cursed!

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  1. Ask your wife just wipe the dust on the shelf - and Thunderbolt went to his last flight)) At least my wife is so short work of DB-3, and he was not cursed)

  2. Although the model is very good - let it live!

  3. What a tale. It looks really great. a triumph of persistence.

  4. I'm impressed that you persevered (I probably wouldn't) and the result look great.

  5. Congrats to a very realistic finish, I really like the subdued colours that blend together very well. Hats off!

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