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Another Monogram B-25

December 16, 2012 · in Aviation · · 2 · 1.9K

This is "Ruthie", done from the same Bombshell Decals sheet Steve Towle did "Solid Jackson" from - I sent around the decals I got for review and six of us did models from the decals for a "group review" at Modeling Madness.

The B-25s based on Corsica have interested modelers more than any other unit except the 345th “Air Apaches”, in large part due to a book written by a navigator of the 488th Bomb Squadron of the 340th Bomb Group. “Catch 22" by Joseph is ranked as one of the greatest war novels ever written, and is Heller's memorial to the men who flew from the “USS Corsica” in 1944-45 during the air war over northern Italy and southern France. "Ruthie" was one of them.

The kit is still excellent. The raised line detail actually looks more accurate, given that these airplanes had lapped panels, as I have noted looking at the many B-25s that have been rebuilt out at Chino by Aero Trader. It might not fit like a modern kit, but with "some modeling skill required" it makes a good model.

These were natural metal airplanes that were camouflaged with British or Italian paint over their upper surfaces after the German air raid on Corsica in May 1944 (commemorated in the book and movie as the time when Milo Minderbinder let the Germans he was doing business with "get some" to keep their bosses off their backs).

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  1. Tom... loved the plane, loved the book and loved the movie. Nice looking build and it makes me want to finally start my Monogram B-25 kit that has gathered dust for sooo many years.

  2. said on May 21, 2013

    TOM .. what can I say .. so authentic in every way .. all this bird needs now is a guy with a fire bottle, pilot, co-pilot, ad crew to complete it ! My compliments on the way you comment on each model, telling the "history" of each .. very educational.. THANKS ! As a professional photographer, I must say your photos are FANTABULOUS ... AND you ARE a GREAT writer !

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