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B-25 B Airfix 1:72 Dolittle Ride

Once upon a time, when I was in elementary school, my favorite game was a strategy board game called Hell in the Pacific. Each player took the role of an air force commander and tried to destroy the enemy fleet, primarily aircraft [...]

Review: Monogram 1/48 B-25H Review v2

1:32 B-25J Mitchell Pacific diorama

The model was made from the HK kit. With minimal renovation. I used the figures ICM, Tamiya, Black Dog, for my walnut frame. JEEP is Tamiya's set.

Eduard/Hasegawa 1:72 B-25J Medium Bomber

Hi Guys, I just finished this (more or less) B-25J I did for a group a build. This North American B-25J was named Angel of Mercy and flew with the 412th Bombing Squadron, 310th Bomb Group 12th U.S. Airforce out of Corsica, France in [...]

Revell 1/48 B-25J USSR Lend Lease

As fellow survivor of this kit @keyda1981 posted a few weeks ago when she did a fabulous rendition of "Jaunty Jo"- "this kit is a bit of a bear". How true! After many months of sanding, puttying, painting and repainting [...]

Tamiya P-38F MTO, USAAF 1/48th Tunisia 1943

To say that the Tamiya P-38 was a joy to build is an understatement. Having built the Academy and Hasegawa Lightning's which are good models of the P-38, just that Tamiya had really taken a rather complicated twin boom air frame and made [...]

Revell's 1/48 B-25J Mitchell "Jaunty Jo"

This kit was a bit of a bear. Not surprising considering they are still using the mold from 1977. I had several fights with the seams, including the fuselage seams popping in places. I don't know if the plastic was just being impervious [...]

Italeri B-25 H Mitchell "Gunship"

I built this kit a while ago around 1984, it was built straight out of the box. I used the "Sweet Sue" decal set from the Matchbox B-25 kit, the US insignias are from Microscale and the white stripes are also Microscale that cost [...]

Review: Eduard 1/72 B-25 Angel Of Mercy review

FROG 1/72 Mitchell Mk. II/ B-25D

This is my second build after my 30 years of not building a kit. It is a 1/72 FROG B-25D Mitchell. This boxing dates back from 1965-1966. Now to be honest, this is one kit I've been wanting to build since I first saw it back in the mid to [...]