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B-26 “Mild and Bitter” Monogram 1/48

December 23, 2012 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.5K

Most of the shopping I do for my planes is on a website named hobbylinc considering the closest hobby store is an hour away but as I was in this hobby store that is an hour away I stumbled upon this plane that I know hobbylinc no longer carries so I had to pick it up.

When I originally got this plane I had all intentions to spray it with my airbrush but I am still having problems with it spitting so I didn't want to risk it and really make this plane look horrid.
This was the first time i went all out on the detail for the interior, and I do realize I could have actually done a lot more and it probably would have came out better with the airbrush but I didn't want to risk it coming out terrible.

So the problem that I am having with the airbrush is that it's almost spitting like the material isn't coming through at a nice flow, it spits or sputters everywhere and it leaves spit marks on the subjects. I used the airbrush when I first got it and everything worked perfect, ever since then it's been doing this and I cleaned it as I was instructed too.

Other than that, I'd like to know your guys thoughts on this plane, I'm going to hang it from my ceiling sometime soon alongside my b-24j.

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  1. Are those the kit decals, Billy..? I don't think I've seen 'em before (or if I have, I've forgotten - which is more likely, actually). I'm no airbrush expert, but if you've cleaned it well, I can only assume your problem has something to do with the pressure. I'm sure others will be able to suggest remedies.

  2. The problem is you are airbrushing with paint that is too thick. You need to thin it. I use acrylics and thin them 50-50 with rubbing alcohol. If you're using oil-base enamel, you need to thin at least 1/3 thinner if not 50-50. You also want to get a pressure regulator so you are shooting at around 15 p.s.i.

    • Earlier I shot future and I read online just to shoot it straight, but should it matter if I use lacquer thinner or mineral spirits? (I've been using Lacquer thinner and I'll make the paint around a milky consistency)

      • Depending on the paint you're using, lacquer thinner can be either incompatible or simply too 'hot'. Most enamels only thin evenly and remain wet in mid-air if mixed with enamel thinner. If your paint is beginning to dry out enroute the surface due to rapid evaporation of the lacquer thinner, then the results will be as you describe.

      • Using lacquer thinner, you may want to add a small amount of additive called a "Drying Retardant" to the thinner before mixing with the paint. This slows down the evaporationa bit so it airbushes better.
        NOTE: Some brand mixes of thinner already have a retardant mixed in. You will need to add it to pure Acetone or a general lacquer thinner such as an Auto shop would use.
        I use enamels and lacquers both and thin each with the usual, but I do add Lacquer thinner when airbrushing enamels (as well as Turpentine (white spirit) for the enamel) The turps acts as the retardant and the lacquer thinner speeds the drying.

        Practice mixing by using a scap piece of card or an old model you no longer want. The more you can try something like this that way, the better the end result on your models will get.

        Hope this helps, Brett

        • Yesterday I picked up some of the thinner that is recommended on the paint bottes, I think it's called something like model master thinner. I mixed it and I poured it in the brush and it started to spit for a few seconds then it all came through nice and smooth. I sprayed the cockpit walls of my b-29 and it came out flawless. Thanks for the help you guys! 😀

  3. Great work Billy and a nice result. I too have this kit waiting to be made. Some of these old Monogram kits are really nice and the fact that they 'fit where they touch' and have raised panel lines doesn't bother me. Besides, if we want to build a 1/48 B-26 we don't have a lot of choice do we? 🙂 When it comes to airbrushing I think it's all about practice, practice, practice. After many, many years I still find I have issues when it comes to getting the right paint consistency, so me advice is to just keep at it and you'll learn as you go. What works for some folks won't necessarily work for you. Keep posting more pictures of your kits! All the best. Nick

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