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Hurricane for Christmas

This is a ten day wonder. It is the scale kit, and took me about 14 hours total over 10 days. The personal markings are home made as is the aircraft ID. Under the tail is my brother-in-laws birthday as the civilian ID number, and the aircraft number is Christmas Day. Last year I did a P-51 for my sister, and this year, her husband gets a MkI, his personal favorite aircraft. Enjoy.

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3 responses

  1. What a nice present. You certainly do wonderful work, George.

  2. You have started a fun tradition. I remember seeing the P-51 last year on a different site. Keep it going, John.

  3. Yes, it is a very good idea. I guess that many modelers still shy away from giving their models to someone not involved in the hobby. This is showing the way to go!

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