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December 3, 2012 · in Aviation · · 9 · 2K

Here is another old build, this time a .

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  1. Very well done - the 1/48 version is in my to-do pile.

  2. Huh - I did that exact scheme myself on mine. What decals did you use? I had to make my own for the tail insignia.

    Oh yeah, very nice model.

    • Hi Tom- I do remember seeing your build of this aircraft- that was actually the reason for me building one in similar markings. I think the decal set was Aeromaster. I wanted to experiment with painting on national markings, so I masked those and painted them myself with mixed results.

  3. Very nice indeed!

  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

  5. Nice work, Seth! All that gleaming metal can be a challenge in large scale and you've done a great job with that- and I was always fond of the curved arrow markings of the 29th Sentai. That's a real beaut.

  6. Looks great - super NMF.

    It's a great kit huh? Did one recently although camo'ed. Can't say I remember a kit that fell together like that one.

  7. So I did this 84 almost 30 years ago in 48th, when the only reference I had was the Hasegawa 72nd box art. I've seen plenty of images of the camo version. I'd love to do a 32nd in this scheme but have never been able to find any photo's of the NMF version. Did it actually exist in NM? Are there photos you could direct me to?

    • If I'm honest, I'm not sure. Tom Cleaver did a similar build that he posted to modelingmadness some time ago; I decided to do my own build of it because if looks cool enough, why not build one? He would know if that unit had any Ki-84s in NMF.

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