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Nakajima Ki-27

December 19, 2012 · in Aviation · · 5 · 2.1K

I built 's scale Nate two or three years ago. Despite it's age, the Hasegawa kit is excellent, and presents very few problems.

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  1. This is a very important kit in the history of the development of ever-better models.

    In the early 1970s, a company named Mania aoppeared. Founded by serious Japanese modelers, they started with a 1/72 Ki.27, followed by a 1/72 B5N2v - these models had engraved panel lines and detailed (ehough) interiors. I think they then did a Ki.15 "Babs" if memory serves. And then in 1975, they brought out a 1/48 Ki.27. This kit. The company failed shortly thereafter and was bought out by the Hasegawa Brothers who owned Hasegawa. The smart thing they did was they hired all the people in Mania and put them in charge of future developmentat Hasegawa. They brought along their 1/48 F4U-4, their 1/49 A6M5 Zero, their N1k2-J "George" and their J7W "Shinden" projects, and then went on to create what we now know as Hasegawa kits (look at Hasegawa kits before 1975 to see what a revolution I am talking about).

    It's really no wonder this kit still looks "modern." It's the first "modern" 1/48 kit.

    Excellent work on it.


  3. Very neatly and clean model, very cute!

  4. Thanks for the compliments!

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