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My all time favorite build, Old Monogram Devastator.

January 30, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.6K

Yellow Wings decals,fully rescribed and riveted, a lot of scratchbuilding in the interior, then just careful fitting and sanding to get a clean build. Haven't seen the Great Wall one, but I think these old legacy kits are a lot of fun and a great bargain. I can't think of a kit in the past 10 years I enjoyed more or thought turned out as well.

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  1. Gotta love anything with yellow wings! Nice job on a nice little kit. I remember building quite a few of these in my youth. IIRC, the hinges for the folding wings actually worked quite well.

  2. I built mine in the blue over gray scheme...and you're right - it IS a nice little build. Great job on that pre-war scheme.

  3. Always get a kick out of pre-war examples with their "here I am, shoot me down" colors. Gorgeous.

  4. Sadly this kit was damaged in my move, hopefully I can fix her up. Looks to be mostly just knocked off canopies, ulike some of the others that were pretty well destroyed.

  5. sorry bout the damage, but the paintwork looks awesome! ya gotta get her fixed up and maybe repost it?

  6. Yes as I said it looks mostly to be the wire antenna a pitot tube and the canopies, no paint or structure damage. I will do an article on my days off showing the "plastic pile" and also the one box that the movers did not repack where all my FW 190Ds made it intact ,because I suspended them in foam ala an old article in FSM on how to ship kits. My Ventura survived ok as did my McClaren, but all the rest were either damaged or several just plain destroyed.

  7. Fixed the kit, the only thing is the antenna is MIA, so I will someday make a new one.

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