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ProModeler P-47N

December 24, 2012 · in Aviation · · 7 · 2.1K

Monogram continued their line of 's by doing the N model with engraved panel lines that are sharp on wings and soft on fuselage and Ok on the tail. In other words there is some in consistency of the last production model of the Jug that was modified with bigger wings for fuel to take the war to the heart of Japan.

The kit has some odd features in its design with the Lower wing being one piece, which is fine for a P-51 or Spitfire kit but, awkward in having some of the lower half of the fuselage to complicate the fit matters. The wing once alined has some gaps near the wing fillets that will need some filling and splicing with sheet plastic. However, the design allows the cockpit tube to added later in the build because of the huge gap left during the assembly process. The Tub has no alignment pins and you just glue it in using the pilots armored headrest as a guide. Also, the gear is a bit wonky, in order to box in the landing gear wells and get rid of the seem that was found on the older Monogram P-47 kits the engineers molded the landing gear into the wheel well walls. The folks who designed this kit don't build kits because, landing gears are one of the last things any modeler would want to add to a kit to avoid breaking them. The model is still build able , its different in its constructions, requires some modeling skill and patients and a aptitude for doing natural metal finishes. My sample was rather old and the decal graphics are not up to Cartograph's standards but, there is a new release out with some newer decals and one can always order something different from the after market decal people too.

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  1. Looks good from here, Stephen...I like all things Republic-an. lol

  2. Well, you'd never know it's supposed to be a craptological kit, from what you have done with it, turning it into this excellent model. 🙂

    Actually, this kit is far more accurate - the right engine, the cockpit is better looking, the windscreen is the right size, the guns are properly positioned - than the Academy kit everyone gushes about. The landing gear business is indeed weird, but nothing that can't be overcome with "some modeling skill required" as you have demonstrated.

  3. Congratulations on a fabulous build - what a fantastic result Stephen! Now, where did I put my Monogram P-47N? 🙂

  4. Wow, is that a great build. I always thought the Pro Monogram kit looked odd in the box, and for that reason shred away from building her. Your build, however demonstrates how fine a model it truly is. Thank you for posting this terrific build

  5. Now that is a "Super Jug"! I love the markings and how it is properly weathered, giving it a cool operational look - not overdone, not lacking. Nice!

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