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Roden 1/48th Gladiator Mk.II in Finnish Service

December 31, 2012 · in Aviation · · 7 · 1.8K

The is one of their better 1/48th biplane kits, owing mainly to the parts being a bit more robust than most of their WW1 kits. This model represents GL-255, a machine belonging to LeLv 26 flown by 44-victory Ace Sgt. Oiva Tuominen in the Winter of 1940 while based at Mensukangas, Finland.

Decals were from the kit. Paints used were Model Master Aluminum and Magnesium Metallizers, Floquil RAF Dark Earth, Dark Green, Reefer White, and Engine Black. Light Earth was mixed from Middlestone and Butternut 3:1, the light green from US Army Olive Drab mixed 2:1 with their US Navy Grey. Exhaust collector is Floquil Old Silver and Copper, the latter oversprayed with Smoke.

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  1. Not my forte, but a nice-lookin' build nonetheless, Erik. By the way, that pilot didn't get his 44 'kills' in THAT thing, did he? I don't see any guns.

    • Not all of them, Craig. He probably flew several types (including the Buffalo) and moved on to Messerschmitts once they became available. The .303's were mounted on either side of the fuselage with the breeches in the cockpit, firing through the troughs behind the cowling. Two other MG's were contained in the small gondolas under the lower wings.

      • Oh...NOW I see the under-wing guns (I dunno how I missed 'em the first time) and I'd wondered about the cut-outs on the fuselage, but not being a WWI guy, I just dismissed 'em as being something I was unfamiliar with (and I guess I proved THAT).

        • The Gladiator was actually designed in the 30s, Craig- the last of the British biplane fighters. It saw combat service with the RAF in Norway, France, the Battle Of Britain, North Africa, Greece, and Malta. Also in Finland and China, and I'm probably forgetting somewhere else.

  2. See...what do I know? Anything that has one wing on top of another...I'm pretty much clueless. Thanks for the background, Erik - (you do nice work, btw).

  3. Another excellent Whipple model.

  4. It is a pity, not enough pictures. Gladiator is good!

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