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WNW Fokker D.VII – a tease

December 10, 2012 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.1K

Here are three pictures of my recently-completed WNW Fokker (Fokker-built) in Willi Gabriel's markings. There will be a full review over at Modeling Madness on Wednesday.

Kit. Of. The. Year.

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  1. Nice work, Tom. Didn't waste any time, eh? I wish I had more modeling time - working on that.

    Did you use the kit 'streaky camo' decals? I noticed they specify applying over their buff color recommended CDL. I'm thinking, from some research I did a while back on the F.1s and early Dreideckers, that this might have been applied over light blue. But, sigh, WWI colors are mysterious, slippery and difficult to see even out of the corner of your eye.

    Nice Fokker!

    • Yes, I used the "streaky" camo decals and the 5-color lozenge. While the F.1 pretty much certainly did have light blue overall with the streaks over that, pretty much all serious research says that the production Dr.I and the early production Fokker-built D.VII did have CDL upper fuselages (and wings in the case of the triplane). WNW research is so good if they told me we had all been wrong all along and it was really hot pink with chartreuse and purple polka dots, I wouldn't question them.

      The kit's not that hard. It arrived Thursday and I finished it this afternoon, while working on a rewrite of my new book. I think there's a total of 20 hours in it maximum. I definitely didn't "break a sweat."

      There are, by the way, voices in the box murmuring "buuilllddd meeeee..." when you open it up. Just another of Sir Peter's cool SFX. 🙂

  2. Yeah, mine is stacked along with five other WnW kits waiting to be built. I have some IPMS review stuff to finish, so I won't get back to my WnW stuff until after Christmas I think.

  3. You get the kit on Thursday and have it finished by Monday. That's twisting the knife and criminal. Green with envy on this kit Tom. Looking forward to Weds article.

  4. Seems like this kit is a candidate for one of our forthcoming monthly prizes... Great work, Tom. Looking forward to reading your review.

  5. Beautiful !

    Only issue I have with WNW is that I cannot keep up with their release schedule !

  6. Very nice! I can't wait to see MM tomorrow!

  7. I figured that you'd be first out of the gate with one of these built, Tom. Looks marvelous with all those contrasts between the streaky camoflage, the lozenge, and Gabriel's bright markings.

  8. Great job, TC. Colorful and looks REAL. Those are the two criteria I enjoy when looking at models!

  9. Tom, it is also noted that you have beaten Brett Green to it by a margin... Review of the same kit on Hyperscale today, albeit only in-box... Good job.

    I think it is approproate to link To your full MM review here:

    • Thanks Martin.
      Really, guys, it's not that hard a kit. If you've done a few and want to keep your focus, it's easy. But that's because they made a great kit.

      • WWI not being my "forte", it would seem somewhat counter-productive (at least to me) to have all that camo applied to the wings/fuselage of the a/c and then splash brilliant colors all over the nose and tailplane.

  10. What a scoop, Being the first to publish a built up kit and having a article to go with it. The article alone reminded me of a abbreviated Osprey book. Being informative with a little history lesson and the ins and outs on doing another WingNut kit that I'm sure will have hundreds of paints schemes for modelers to show. Some of these kits sell themselves but, when you add a little history and some more eye candy it gets hard to not want to buy. Still Green with envy.

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