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Wingnut Wings' model kits

Wingnut Wings Albatross D.V: The mount of Fritz Rumey and M.C. Escher's anomality

Years ago, when Wingnut Wings was in business, I received the 1/32 Albatross D.V for review. I chose the mount of Fritz Rumey with the black lines spiraling along the fuselage on white background. Instructions specified that there were two [...]

Roland VI.b, Jasta 59, 1918

WNW 1:32 . Tamiya paints and printing ink Aviattic 5 colour lozenge with oil paint weathering Gaspatch and Properplane turnbuckles and wooden finger joint decals Model Kasten rigging Prop:oils over acrylics

Roland VI.a, Emil Koch, Jasta 32b, 1918 (7 victories)

This is a speculative scheme from trying to interpret old B&W photos but with additional oral information from surviving pilots. WNW 1:32 . Tamiya paints and printing ink Aviattic 4 colour lozenge with clear brown glaze Gaspatch and [...]

Roland D.VIa, Jasta 23b, Epinoy, France, 1918

Hi, this is my latest completed model from the WnW range. The kit is a pleasure to build and is a really attractive subject for a model kit. The colour scheme was achieved by using enamel and oil paints, and lozenge pattern markings from [...]

WnW Gotha G.IV - 'Lori2'

Hi... This is my latest build, Wingnut Wings' Gotha G.IV in 1/32 scale. A large, initially daunting but ultimately excellent kit to build, this has been a nine-week project which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The kit was finished in Humbrol [...]

Video: 1/32 Wingnut Wings Sopwith Snipe | Full Build.

Fokker Dr.1 Lothar von Richthofen

WNW 1:32 Aviattic decals...all over!

Junkers D.1 Wingnut Wings

I started this WNW kit in 2020; still something to finish...

Review: 1/32 Aviattic decals review for a Wingnut Wings Fokker D-VII "Seven Swabians"

The Fokker D-VII just happens to be my favorite German aircraft from the First World War. As a little 8 year old kid I can remember building the "ancient" (by today's standards) Aurora 1/48 scale model and the strange green [...]

Fokker D.VII Gotthard Sachsenberg MFJGr 1, Oct 1918

Wingnut Wings 1:32 Model Kasten rigging with Gaspatch turnbuckles Tamiya, Alcald II, Oil and printers inks Prop : oils over acrylic