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WnW Gotha G.IV - 'Lori2'

Hi... This is my latest build, Wingnut Wings' Gotha G.IV in 1/32 scale. A large, initially daunting but ultimately excellent kit to build, this has been a nine-week project which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The kit was finished in Humbrol [...]

Video: 1/32 Wingnut Wings Sopwith Snipe | Full Build.

Fokker Dr.1 Lothar von Richthofen

Wnw 1:32 Aviattic decals...all over!

Junkers D.1 Wingnut Wings

I started this WNW kit in 2020; still something to finish...

Review: 1/32 Aviattic decals review for a Wingnut Wings Fokker D-VII "Seven Swabians"

The Fokker D-VII just happens to be my favorite German aircraft from the First World War. As a little 8 year old kid I can remember building the "ancient" (by today's standards) Aurora 1/48 scale model and the strange green [...]

Fokker D.VII Gotthard Sachsenberg MFJGr 1, Oct 1918

Wingnut Wings 1:32 Model Kasten rigging with Gaspatch turnbuckles Tamiya, Alcald II, Oil and printers inks Prop : oils over acrylic

Lt.Max Immelmann 1890-1916

Lt.Max Immelmann 1890-1916 German WW1 Ace 1:32 WnW figure Mike Good sculpt. Oils This is the 5th casting of this figure I've managed to obtain. All previous ones including that in the WnW kit were truly awful with all the details sludged [...]

Video: Wingnut Wings | 1/32 Halberstadt Cl.ii | Full Build

The Wingnuts Lanc is happening!

Border Models of China are putting out the WNW Lanc! I’ll let the pics do the talking. Anyone got the Handley Page 0 series molds!?


Here are some pictures of my latest WNW build. I have included some "work in progress" shots in case anyone finds it interesting to see how I went about it. The speckle finish, whilst simple looking, is one of the most [...]