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Fokker D.VII

Fokker D.VII's

Hi All, Finally finished five Fokkers! Though a rewarding project, at times it was tedious (fiddly kit parts, keeping each build parts separated, lozenge decals) and monotonous (over and over steps X 5). I am pleased with the outcome but [...]

Review: 1/32 Aviattic decals review for a Wingnut Wings Fokker D-VII "Seven Swabians"

The Fokker D-VII just happens to be my favorite German aircraft from the First World War. As a little 8 year old kid I can remember building the "ancient" (by today's standards) Aurora 1/48 scale model and the strange green [...]

Fokker D.VII Gotthard Sachsenberg MFJGr 1, Oct 1918

Wingnut Wings 1:32 Model Kasten rigging with Gaspatch turnbuckles Tamiya, Alcald II, Oil and printers inks Prop : oils over acrylic

Another Fokker rolls off the production line.

Covid lockdown completed 1/48 Dragon Fokker Dvii F flown by VzFw Wilhem Hippert, Jasta 73 1918. Fun easy build with very little rigging (undercarriage only) An old kit started 20 odd years ago. Nice to see it completed finally.

"Once upon a time... in the west!" The fabulous Fokker D.VII "Seven Swabians"

About the Fokker D.VII “Seven Swabians” Aircraft fuselages as canvases have left a long and, literally, colourful trace in the history of aviation, across times and nations. The elongated fuselages, the aircraft noses and sometimes [...]

Eduard Fokker D.VII, 1/48. ‘Du Doch Nicht! ’

My first build of 2021 was this brightly coloured Fokker D.VII, this was also my first and so far only subject from the First World War. This particular one was based on Fantasy of Flight's D.VII and was a Christmas gift from my other half [...]

Eduard 1/48 Fokker D.VII E.Udet

Another WWI airplane. And again from Eduard,Fokker D.VII. Nice kit from thier SE "Du Doch Nicht" package with another two legendary airplanes from WWI (Fokker Dr.I and Albatros D.V). Since there are many discusions about colors [...]

Eduard 1/48 Fokker D.VII

My first WW1 completed. Ernst Udet's Fokker DVII (OAW) Jasta 4 Beugneux-Cramoisselles airfield, France, June 1918. There are so many different opinions on the colours, some say there was a black nose, the stripes were top of the upper wing [...]

1/48 Aurora Fokker D-VII

Built this one a while ago. Lozenge decals by America’s Gryphon. Checkerboard hand done on flat white with black India ink. The “Mimi” was drawn on white decal film. I rather like how it turned out. Brian Riedel

Roden 1/48 Fokker D.VII

Here's my Fokker D.VII. The kit decals in may sample were extremely brittle and thick - the glue shows under the carrier film since it doesn't dry clear. If you want to build this kit I suggest getting some aftermarket decals or choosing [...]