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1/48 “Humpin Honey” Monogram B-29 Superfortress

January 20, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 4.6K

My planes just keep on getting bigger, actually I've always loved the . As an avid fan of WWII it was a must to be a fan of the b-29 considering it was the plane that dropped the nuclear bombs on Japan. Originally I was going to purchase the "Enola Gay" or "Bockscar" decals but I could not find a good set, so I stuck with the kit decals.

This plane was almost too big for my little hobby table in my basement but I managed to make it work. I don't have very many photos because the plane is just so massive I have no where to really put it to take pictures (There is two feet of snow outside, so that is out of the question :/ ) But you can see all of my planes in the last picture, and I tried using liquid masking for the windows but it didn't work as good on this plane as it did on my b-26 :/

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  1. Boy...that really IS a "man-cave", ain't it ? Nice detail work, Billy. I don't think I've ever seen that particular nose art before (nice legs). And speakin' of which, spread yours a little wider next time - LOL
    p.s. and the liquid mask seemed to work fine from what I can see. Keep up the good work.

  2. Nice to see a your working table in a headline picture 🙂 Good work on the model. On canopies such as this, I'd prefer to use masking tape as it is the only way I know of getting the lines straight.

    The result looks like a massive model indeed. I'm impressed that you don't seem to mind building the four-engined heavies. B-36 next?

    • If I built the B-36 I'd really be out of room haha! Right now I'm currently working on a Mosquito Mk IV which will be my first "non-american" plane, and my first camoflauged plane! 😀

  3. Ambiance...the space,the brick, the table and the photo's along with the subject matter are what modeling are all about. Note the space heater...its Nine Below where I'm sitting. The article is a Ten. Looks like someone is having fun.


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