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Boeing B-29 Superfortress

B-29 1/48 scale full metal skin

Well after 275 hours of building this B-29 is complete, minus the livery which arrives soon. Each individual panel is painstakingly done in aluminum. This is my fourth all metal skin build, and by far my most ambitious! If I never see [...]

RAF Washington B.I bomber

Now calling this one complete. The 1/72 Academy B-29 Superfortress done as an RAF Washington B.I as used between 1951 & 1953 by 44 (Rhodesia) Sqn. Paints used are Halfords Mini Silver for the main colour and for smaller details Vallejo [...]

B-29 Superfortress Peachy

Peachy was assigned to the 482nd Bomb Squadron of the 505th Bomb Group, 20th AF. They were stationed on Tinian in the Mariana Islands. The usual crew that flew Peachy was commanded by Robert T. Haver. He was a native of Pueblo, Colorado. [...]

Video: B-29 Superfortress - Academy 1/72Aircraft Model

Review: Monogram 1/48 B-29 Superfortress review

Monogram 1:48 Boeing B-29 Superfortress

I had no intention of building this but trying to sell this online was not an option. The shipping costs alone are astronomical. So, given my penchant for oddball schemes, how to make one of 3790 NMF B-29's different. The first 40ish were [...]

B-29A Superfortress “Command Decision” Korean War Airfix Old Mold 1/72

Just completed,no top gun modeller,but the bomber for sure with 5 MiG´s!

What was your first model?

There's an interesting thread over at The Other Place in answer to the question, what was the first model you built? I'll start. My dad built my first models for me: a Strombecker solid wood B-29 and B-24, both painted silver. The first [...]

IJA Mitsubishi Ki-46 III Kai Dinah, 1/48 Tamiya PTO

It's late June 1945, the B-29 bombers streams are approaching the Japanese mainland, Lt Fuchida and his radioman Sgt Yamada are in their Mitsubishi Ki-46 III Dinah. Lately the B-29's have changed tactics were not coming as high once they [...]

On This Day…June 1st

A series of well photographed Emil Bf 109E3 of 4.JG26. ‘W3+-‘ (WNr 779) was force landed in France on 1st June 1940. Pretty clear a lot of the infantry were intrigued and excited at the find. The ‘selfie generation was alive and [...]