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Eduard 1/48 FW 190D 9 KG(J) 27 big tail. (Now with more pictures)

January 29, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 3.8K

Last kit completed before I moved to Seattle, haven't gotten my spot set up yet here to keep work going on my F-84.

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  1. Interesting paint scheme and marking(s)...don't think I've ever seen one quite like it.

  2. Ina nutshell, it is hypothetical based on some facts and some conjecture of what this particular aircraft may have looked like. KG(J) 27 did have a yellow 6 and it fell in a series of Werknummers for FW-190D-9s that had the larger tails designed for the TA 152 fitted. The tails on other aircraft have been photographed but not yellow 6. The green and white Karoband or Defense of the Reich band, is also conjecture it was the designated marking for the unit but no known pictures of Doras exist with these markings. The camouflage is based on well documented photographs of late war FW-910Ds built by Mimetall Erfurt. Whew I actually sound like I know what I am talking about! All of the above came from a great deal of research but also a ton of help from folks on Hyperscale and also Jerry Crandal who has written a great two volume series (I wish I could afford!) on the subject.

  3. There ya go Stephen added a couple of more pictures! Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Rob, I really like this bird. The paint scheme is different than I have seen, and looks great. I am not an expert so I can't and would not question its authenticity. There is so much conjecture out there and I have seen it turn into terrible arguments on other sites. I think it looks great and would love to get more information as to what colors and paint brands you used.

  5. Beautiful build and really interesting conjecture regarding the camouflage. It looks terrific in that scheme. Not sure that yellow on the fuselage is available in RLM though, I guess the closest approximation would be RLM05 which was prewar glider paint (04 is that orangey yellow and 27 is that lemon yellow - both identifyers on engine cowls and wingtips) but I guess by late 1944 just about anything available in the factory goes, so it's great to see something out of the ordinary, compared to 74/75/76 and even slightly more colourful the post '44 76/81/82.

    Have to say I love your 190!

  6. Welcome onboard Rob. It's a very cool-looking Dora. It is perhaps more colorful (in these photos?) than the other late-war Focke-Wulf models I've seen before, but I think it only makes it more appealing! Thanks for sharing.

  7. nice Butcher Bird!
    Well Done.

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