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1/32 trumpie 109 g-2

February 17, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 1.6K

Let me begin by saying, first , first attempt with my new airbrush, and first time anyone, other than my ever so understanding of my addiction girlfriend, has seen my work. Been modeling for about two years now. Seriously for the last year. the kit went together great. No fit issues at all. The canopy had not been attached yet. The plane doesnt depict an actual aircraft, but just a hodge-podge of the best decals in the kit. No after-market. Built straight outta the box, none really needed in my opinion. also my first attempt at "photograghy", so if anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated. Thanx for lookin, plz let me know whatcha think, be nice!

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  1. Well, that is some pretty spectacular "doodling around." My only comment, and it's strictly a matter of personal taste, is that when it comes to pre-shading and post-shading, the old artists rule of "less is more" can really pay dividends. I find when I have the model at the state where the shading looks this contrasty (particularly on the lighter colors) that thinning that last cupful of paint I just used to 50-50 paint/thinner with a brushful of white mixed in, and than going over the sections that are that color, things tone down without losing any of the visual "depth" that shading is all about. Try that next time and I think you'll agree the results are remarkable.

    You're definitely a fast learner if you've come this far the way you say you have. Congratulations on that.

    • thanx tom, yeah this is the first time i ever had the satisfaction of pushing that button and pulling back on the airbrush. bought this plane the same day, i figured if i start out with what i think is one of the most difficult paint schemes on an aircraft, german mottling, than anything after that would be a walk in the park.

  2. For being a "test project" of a new airbrush, this is a spectacular achievement!

    Since you asked for tips: in the photography dept, your camera have been using a flash (automatic mode?) which unfortunately brings a number of side effects, not least that (I think) the weathering is perhaps more prominent in the photos than it would be in daylight... finding a well-lit space to photograph the model and turning off the flash is my 2 cent's worth of feedback. Thank you so much for sharing and welcome onboard.

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Excellent work, sir...the detailing/weathering is top-notch!

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