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1/700 HMS Kelly

September 22, 2019 · in Ships · · 7 · 4.3K

1/700 Scale

The ship capsized as soon as it was finished and the mast was completely destroyed.

The terrible accident completely destroyed my mental state.

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  1. Amazing how you can combine a model with such a rough seas and turn them into such a realistic photo that it looks the real thing. Simply outstanding!

  2. Yes...your "water work" is as amazing as your builds. Talent overcomes adversity.

  3. OK, Won-Hui, really: Where are you hiding your miniaturizing ray gun? You know if you went public you'd save us all millions of shipping costs...

    Incredible work.

  4. This is really excellent work. Your water effects are the best I've seen!

  5. LOVE the bow wave! Your work is always so full of energy. Beautiful model.

  6. Big fan of your work especially the dioramas! I know that feeling too well building 1/700 ships is like playing a game of minesweeper, the later it goes the more likely you do something horrible and watch tens of hours of work destroyed 🙁 Good to see the mast made a comeback!

  7. I'm so sorry (for you) that your work was destroyed and your "mental state" was damaged, too. I can imagine how I would feel ... and have felt. And YOUR work is much better than mine!

    There's a LOT of action in your dio. Bravo!

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