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repost! maybe a decent modeler, but a terrible photogragher!

February 24, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 0.9K

trying more light! still dont think its enough. again 109 g-2.

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  1. Nice detail and finish on that kit, Jeff. And as to your photography, it's far from "terrible". Believe me, I've SEEN terrible (and some right here on this site I might add). Looks like if you just had one more light source, it'd be spot on, as they say. It's crisp, clear and sharp. Good job on that build.

  2. thanx craig, thinkin the same thing!

  3. Very nicely done! I dig it! Great work on the paint job and details.

  4. thanx ted, tryin new techniques that seem to be workin out.

  5. Great job! Very cool.

  6. I love the paint job, I wish I was that good with the airbrush ahah

  7. thanx billy, this was actually one of my first attempts with the airbrush...
    still workin on different methods, cant get any worse , right?.

  8. Hey Jeff, your airbrush work is good for first timer, technique is everything and you have that part going and all you will do is improve as you pick your favorite paints to use..picture taking is going the right way too.. think about using white poster board "curved up" and outdor light -- try different things.. camera equipment doing ok right now too. as the other man said, some shots on here looks like the Kodak "Brownie" low tech with ACE comments.. good work..

  9. Not a terrible photographer anymore 🙂 These pics show what a fine painting and weathering job you've done on the model. If that's you first airbrush experience I'd say it's very promising! The photo of the nose tells me that the panel lines, exhaust stains, the rust at the exhaust and the general "feel" of the model is very convincing. Fantastic job.

    If there is one thing I would suggest it would be that the panel line shading on the wings would benefit if done in less "regular" pattern. Can't wait to see your next arbrushing project.

  10. Like wise! What he said...

  11. thanx guys i really appreciate all the kind words., and i really love this site! just hope you guys dont get tired of all the posts!

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