1:32 Scale Trumpeter, Grumman TBF-1C, “Avenger”

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This is one of those kits that, after you build it, the thought of, "What the hell am I gonna do with this?" It's a big model. I have to say though, even though has a reputation for fit issues, that this kit is NOT one of them. I actually think it's the best model I have ever had the pleasure to build.

The kit was a really good build, everything fit where it was supposed to fit. Detail was pretty good as well and, although there are aftermarket detail sets available, I wanted to keep it as close to OOB as possible...which also went by the wayside...

Again, I found fit to be pretty good everywhere.

One issue I had with the kit was the rubber tires on the wheels. I replaced those with resin aftermarket wheels by Contact Resin. The I thought they looked bare without all the many brake lines, so I had to add them too. Then there was the ignition harness I had to add.

The wing MG barrels protrude from the wing's leading edge and they need to be trimmed back to be flush.

I painted the model using Model Master Enamels in the mid war US Navy scheme of Dark Sea Blue, over Intermediate Blue over Insignia White.

Weathering was thinned oils and pastel chalk and I used the decals from the kit.

Antenna was stretched sprue.

Even though it's a big kit, it is really, REALLY a well designed and engineered model kit.

Now, it's on the the "-3"...

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  1. Great looking bird Frederick, I would love to do nothing but 1/32 but I dont think my house could accommodate all of them!

  2. Looks great, Frederick...I like it - it came out well. Nice job on the final finish. So tell us...what DID you do with it? Don't tell us you donated it to the George Bush library...:)

  3. Ha ha , No Craig it currently resides at the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale New York.
    Thanks for the compliment!

  4. Wow that is just beautiful!

  5. Fantastic work.

  6. Profile Photo
    said on March 4, 2013

    Very, very nice!

  7. Beautiful Job, Thomas. I've seen two of these built up and they truly dominate a display table. Amazing that Trumpeter did such a good job on this model, the Bearcat, and the SBD, and them completely botched the Hellcat. Talk about disappointment.
    I Hope their AD is an improvement. Thats about the only subject more impressive than this "Turkey".

  8. Um... Sorry. i meant, Beautiful Job, Fred!

  9. Another beauty, Fred. Really thorough work!

  10. Having done this kit myself, I find this really impressive, Fred. Excellent work.

  11. Hey Fred,

    Though I'm strictly a Luftwaffe-head, your Avenger looks Grreat! I remember building the ancient Monogram TBF as a kid and fantasized that it might look like that which you have achieved... Excellent build and finish!

  12. Kudos Frederick! Just looking at yours wants me to go out and buy the kit and build one myself. Seriously, my hat is off to you...friend. GREAT JOB!

  13. said on May 21, 2013

    Frederick .. your weathering, details, authenticity, make this model ONE of the best I have seen of this type bird ... One can almost visualize hearing her crank up on a flight line ! Like Tom said .. impressive !

  14. @Fredrick

    I recently purchased this kit and am very much enjoying the build. It is complex without being difficult. however I am stuck on attaching the photo etched stips to the end of the wingfold section. I cannot find a way to make this work and I see you've done it so well. Any tips appreciated!`

    • Hi Toby!

      Glad you are enjoying this terrific kit! I have a second one, that I want to build as well, a "-3", which will be an all Dark Sea Blue aircraft.
      To answer your question, IIRC, there are lines along the edges at the wing fold joint. If you carefully line them up, and use CCA glue in small controlled amounts, (Watch your fingers, finger prints are a b***h to get out...ask me how I know that..)
      It may also help if you anneal the PE. Hold it over a candle or flame. That softens up the brass and makes it easier to mold to what you need it to do. I had to go back and fix goofs a few times, so don't worry if you have to do that as well.
      Hope this helps sir, and have a great day!
      Freddie from LI
      PS, don't hesitate to ask if you need more info!

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