AMT 1:48 scale P-40F, "Warhawk"

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Another model, and this one is NOT built OOB like the previous builds.
The basic kit isn't bad, but it isn't one of those, "I gotta build it" kits like Hasegawa or Tamiya. However, I you want to build an 'F' or an 'L' model P-40 without the major surgery of refit kits, then this will be the kit for you.
I used the Cutting Edge resin cockpit and Ultracast exhaust stubs and 'Block' tread P-40 wheels. I added needle hypo tubing for the wing MG's, fine wire brake lines. I scratchbuilt a new carb intake to the correct single scoop design that was located in the chin, whereas the kit came with the double version, that really was not on most production P-40 'F's.
I used Aeromaster decals and stretched sprue for the antennas
Scheme is the usual USAAC OD over NG and the checkers on the tail are decals.
Paint is Model Master Enamels and weathering is my usual thinned oils and pastel chalk.
Well, another one down and it's time to get busy on finishing the paint job on the N1K1.
Have a great night folks!

Freddie from LI

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  1. Very nice Warhawk, great detail work.

  2. Wow, you managed to make that dogmeat kit look like a great model! Myself, I had to use the AMtech resin nose (fortunately, being friends with Alan G, I got a couple of those, and also turned the Hasegawa P-40M into a P-40F.)

    Nice work on this.

    • Dogmeat Kit? I didn't think it was THAT bad, then again, if you figure that the cockpit stinks, the radiator is wrong, the shape of the nose is off too BTW, the landing gear and wheels aren't too much better and the canopy is a train wreck,...I guess "Dogmeat" would be appropriate.
      I have the Amtech 'F' nose, and also I found an Aeromaster 'F' conversion kit (For the Mauve kit), but somehow It just seems like cutting up the Hasegawa kit would be "plastic blasphemy" because it's so good.

  3. Something can be said for Modeling Skill and craftsmanship and the photo's prove it.

    Two thumbs up

  4. Thanks Guys. Now we can just wait for Koppos to post his NEXT P-40, LOL. He's built WAY more than I have...

  5. Nice job Fred, I also built and posted that kit, however it had the correct resin nose in the Amtech box. And I did add a Edward PE set to the cockpit plus wheels and exhause. Became a rather expensive model in the end.

    • I wound up using the Cutting Edge cockpit, Ultracast wheels and exhaust. I left the fuselage as it was to keep as much of the original kit as possible. Using 20/20 Hindsight I can see the shape issues with the nose, and with the next one will b probably do it differently. Is your 'F' posted on here ?

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