Hasegawa 1:32 Scale, Curtiss P-40N “Warhawk”

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I can't speak for all of us on here, but there is just something about the Curtiss that just make it one of my favorite aircraft. Does not matter which type, or which scheme, it just is what it is, a tough, hard nosed fighter plane.
This model is one of my favorite big scale kits and did a fine job in engineering it.
As is the usual idea when I start a kit, "This is going to be OOB"...yeah right. I have to say though, for the most part, I did not have to add any aftermarket. I could have gotten resin wheels, but went ahead with the kit parts anyway. The cockpit is very nicely done and I saw no need to use any enhancements to dress it up. The only thing I added were to paper belts, to the seat. These are courtesy of a method I learned on 'another' website, and I really think the belts are looking better and better each time I use them.
The model builds pretty easily and other than paying attention to cleaning up the seams where the tail attaches, or where the different plugs are attached to make one P-40 variant or another.
I added wire brake lines to the landing gear, and used decals for the 49th FG by Zotz.
The paint in Model Master Enamels. I masked a few panels to have some shaded areas, but I chose to use a lightened shade of the base coat to paint streaking on the upper surfaces: In the direction of the slipstream on the wings and tail, and across the top surface of the fuselage to simulate water stains. I repeated this again with additional coats, lightening the color as I went, and spacing the lines further apart. It gave the model a very faded and streaky appearance. This toned down a tad after the clear coats and decals were added.
Then, I used thinned oils and pastel chalks, and chrome silver on a tiny brush to chip paint to finish up the, "Beating up". In some of the pictures this looks to be very pronounced, but in person, it looks much better.
Thanks again for looking and I'll post a few more later.

Freddie from LI

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  1. One of the better P-40's I've seen of late. Excellent job on the weathering and detail(s). Nice pics...a good job all 'round, Frederick. "10"

  2. Really really beautiful build. Superb paint and weathering work

    I've recently re-discovered the P-40 too. It seems to me that there are more cool schemes for the P-40 than for the P-51 or 47. It seems to me that the last two - I do like them, mind you - have the majority of the variation in the nose art, while the P-40 is all over. So I agree - the P-40 s a fantastic plane to model

  3. Very nice word, Fred. I fully agree with you about the P-40.

    A trick to deal with the wing/fuselage joint is to use some sprue to make "spreaders" fore and aft of the cockpit - test fit till the joint on the upper wing fits right, since the wing is molded at the right dihedral. The hold it in place overnight with rubber bands that bend it "up" a bit but the seam will be mostly gone in the morning as the wing returns to it's proper position.

    BTW - what are those "sparkles" inside the cockpit? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Very nice work

  5. Sparkles...I'm thinking they are dust and sanding 'Crappies" that were in the pit when I took the pictures. When I tightened up the image, Viola! Sparkles
    Thanks for the tip with the sprues. I think the next one will be a 'K' from the 64th FS, one of the desert birds. I can really do a lot to filthy up that one...

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