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Lindberg F-11 Tiger

March 19, 2013 · in Aviation · 18 · 2.8K

This is my latest model, Lindberg F-11 Tiger. I did it as a presentation model.

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  1. Very nice work...couldn't tell it apart from a manufacturers desktop model.

  2. Thank you. That was my hope.

  3. Nice job! Nice subject too... I don't see many F-11s being built. I think the first kit I ever did by myself as a child was a Blue Angels F-11... Revell?... Aurora?... scale?... over 50 years ago, so who knows.

    • Monogram made a set with 4 Angel tigers about 1/100 @ 1960, Probably because there was a short lived TV series about the Angels in the late 50's, with Tigers .BTW although told as various aircraft, the guy who actually shot himself down by outrunning his 20mm was a Tiger test pilot.

  4. That kit is probably older than you are ! While it's a simple, basic kit, I know how much hard work went into making it look that good. Well done !

  5. my brother built that in 1957...i was five...i remember the tail decal was a tiger jumping through a hogshead of fire at the circus...spent hours looking at it...great job

  6. So...where's this "presentation" model gonna end up? You plannin' on makin' a stand for it with a plaque or what?

  7. Thank you to everyone for the positive comments, It is much appreciated!

  8. That's a really clean looking build.The pictures of it primed make it look like it's hand carved from wood.It definitely should be displayed in a cabinet.

  9. That was a smart move in making the model a desk top build. Turning a lemon into lemonade is a smart move. Of course the kit is a Classic and not up today's "Standards" what ever that maybe...rivets,divots and engraved lines with a little PE and resin.

    Two thumbs up on going retro.

  10. Beautiful job. All it needs is a Grumman logo on the base.

    Think its safe to say its the prettiest aeroplane Grumman ever made.

  11. Great job making a silk purse out of a pigs ear!

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