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Monogram 1/48 Scale Chance Vought F8U-2 (F-8C)

March 22, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 5K

Ok, will try to not blow hard on too much History on this this “Last of the Gunfighter) famous VF-84 Navy squadron first to receive this version of the . They operated it from1959 thru 1964. according to Bert Kinsey Detail & Scale on the CVA- 62 U.S.S. Independence. Just one of it's many claims to fame was that they provided Fighter Cover for Recon- Photo birds for the famous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. At that time, at a 1.5 Mach, it incurred the rep of best performing carrier based Fighter in the world.

Please note to Editor: please count this as a 2 fer.. just wanted to compare the the two different Crusaders.

Note: someone else said that. I do not know but some heads of the day did and I was working on F-100s at that time with same engine with that speed as well, rep was, the Crusader did out perform the “Hun”. I was not a Driver, nor, did my Daddy work on one or stay at a Holiday Inn either.

conversion from an “E” to the F-8-C (-2), there are a lots of differences in the Models so this is just mostly a lipstick outward appearance of the two different versions. I had the Cobra Conversion set for this, ( not sure if it is still available).

Yes, the Hasegawa kit is better Detail and all the whatever accolades you wish to add and I have one, But, I don't believe most of us, want to take the Hase kit and start chopping it up after paying the high dollar difference. Besides, I have built more than one of the “E” versions of the Mono kit long before the Hase kit came out. Nothing wrong with it, (don't want raised panels? Sand them off, Re-Scribe, not a real hard thing to do) (don't like the too short main landing gear, cut and extend them, Duh!) other stuff? Change / replace it with aftermarket stuff. Want more detail like a “Dive Brake”, make one. Even the Hase kit does not have one of those, I got to make one for it too, that is just me.

The Cobra conversion had; new Nose – New cockpit – new instrument panel –
new correct seat- upper fuselage resin filler for Wing incidence operation – metal landing gear (both)-
main wing center section (Which was mal-formed) so I use the kit part and just removed the Electronic “hump” on top and use it.
And resin Flaps and Slats. Some more stuff I do not remember right now.

Of note: Drew Tarter was correct, the resin nose replacement is not close enough to get the look needed on the real thing. H got it more right than me, I tried a bunch of different ways but was afraid to remove too much but the shape still eluded me for the most part.

Yes, I did re-scribe on both models the “E” also had the Fuselage filler and resin flaps and slats most it was built from box parts except the seat.
    Scratch made the intake cover and some of the RBF flags, almost seems mandatory now after I did it the first time.  

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  1. You are my hero. Amazing work!

    • Troy, thanks, thought me and Drew could slow down some of those Pro-pellor thingies.. but not by much I guess, have some of those but some good ones showing up..

  2. Wayne - your 'Charlie'-model Crusader is stunning! Your scratch-building work on the dive brake and wing folds is just outstanding. And I think you captured the look of the C version nose beautifully. Both of your F-8's are truly exceptional builds.

    • Thanks Drew, after seeing yours today, I said, Man, someting else is flying today and nice too. well, I did have some back and forth with an honest to god Crusaser Pilot about the "C" dome. he told me that the Cobra resin piece was not correct and no one had one but I could try to replicate with all sorts of ways. I did that but when I got through, still we not right. I got several pics of the one at the NAS Pensacola but just could not get the look. so here we are to just live with it.. yours turned out closer to actual than I see on any model and I really liked the GSB as those are rare. never seen any one of those more than 2/ 3 times ever. well off again..I see our efforts did not slow down the WWII stuff right now..I got a bunch of that stuff but you have to remember, I wias building models of all that stuff starting in the 1950s, some newer kits are easier to build and you can bet for sure most of the "correct" paint jobs seem different. I guess if it is said long enough, it becomes "True". built my first P-40 ( I think an E ) out of Balsa ( all they had) around 1952... OD dope ( real stuff) and no... I do not have it any more, got shot down by the kid next door with a rock and a sling shot I think

      • Wayne, was the F-8 pilot you contacted about the F-8C nose Tom Weinel? I've exchanged several emails with him over the years about my DF-8A conversion. He was really helpful, Oh, and just FYI - my DF-8A Crusader is not Gloss Sea Blue, but Navy Engine Gray. But it kinda looks blue sometimes in the right light!

        • Thanks again, and I sent you an E-mail on this too and I seen you asking about the New Orleans show too. can't go but if you see Pat Donahue there tell him hello for me and also Leo Cox.. been around for a long time. they are two of the "real" scale Modelers.

      • check out my F-8- I used pics of the Museum bird in Pensacola too- I think I got it right. One day I will take better pics and re- submit them...

        • Dan, just went there and checked out the "H" Crusader and I really liked it. I see you did get the nose better than me as well, really hard to tell unless you have seen the real deal. you know, most of the time, what's in the box is just not enough of what we want to build or is for more specific type and we have to just figure it out and go for it. Box builds are great and I have done as many as most but a lot of the time out buiding needs a certain type, you got yours very nice.

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    said on March 23, 2013

    Great Crusader Wayne. I love how you get such great results out of the older kits. I guess you habitually replace the raised panel lines with recessed - yes? I have as few monogram kits to do and may well have a shot at "rescribing". Inspiring build.

    • Gregor, thanks, as I said in the mail, this one came up sort of fast and I had to hussle to get it posted and screwed it up at least 3 times and had to delete and start over.. anyway, yes, I have built and do still have a bunch of the older Mongram kits and I started a few years ago to start the re-scribe thing since it became a modeler staple or a "Have to" of the unwritten rules about panel lines and rivets etc. Monogram / revell still enjoys the fact that a bunch of their models still have over all best actual shape of the real airplane. Do not get me wrong, I have got and Build the usual Suspects on some of the "New improved" recessed, dempled, / rivets and they are great and require a lot less work on finish but still have some issues with Cockpits, Gear and "corrections" - and believe it or not, I do like a lot of the propellor stuff and built a ton over 40 or more years, got several maybe good enough to display but some, to me sometimes, in a sea of fish, just wanted to put a swimmer or two in and see if it can float too.

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