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1/48 Tamiya P-47D-1 Thunderbolt “In The Mood”

June 15, 2013 · in Aviation · · 27 · 4K

An old build with new pictures. This is P-47D-1 finished with the markings of the 61stFS / 56th FG based in Halesworth, England during the summer of 1943 .

This machine named “In the mood” was flown by Gerald Johnson until 1944.

The base kit is well known Tamiya P-47D Razorback. It s easy to convert to D1 by using “early cowl flaps” from Loon models (LO48207). This is a unique part that fits perfectly, so no need to cut and surgery 🙂

Model built mostly out of the box except for the modifications in the cockpit which are;

Eduard PE seat belts

Tally Ho PE gunsight

The painting was done with Gunze Sangyo acrylics as usual. Lower surfaces painted to neutral grey and the upper surfaces to olive drab.

The decals are from a limited edition of PYN up decals (PYN48005) of Cutting edge

The attractive and sexy nose art is very sensitive and vulnerable.

It s finished after some weathering and finally matt coat from Gunze.

Happy modelling

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  1. Very nice Thunderbolt!

    Best regards, Vlad.

  2. Tolga...Super build. Nice touch on the weathering. I especially like the way you did the seat belts. Great photos that capture the T-Bolt look.

  3. said on June 15, 2013

    Very sharp looking build indeed!

  4. beautifully weathered

  5. Another boringly-perfect Tolga Ulgur build...
    Except for the lack of lap pads on the seat belts. 🙂

    Really nice.

  6. Yet another kit built to such high standard that the rest of us mortals have to stand in the shadow of its builder...worthy of a Ten and a " I Like it." I might add that Tolga's build will make a good reference for when that new Osprey Book on P-47's comes out. I bought one in anticipation and the poor thing just screams out "Build me you fool"...modeling can be a real discipline. Where being bookish until the book comes out ...Oh the horror of it all.

    Two thumbs up on the build.

  7. Yep, just like Stephen said... a TEN and a " I like it" !

  8. Profile Photo
    said on June 15, 2013

    Amazing! P 47's shure are popular on imodeler...:-)

  9. Very nice! And it looks appropriately heavy!



  10. what a great job you did on this. I went through some of your back stuff and it is all just wonderfully done. I really like your shadowing and overall weathering. Not too much and not too little.

  11. Excellent model, plus great photos! And another beautiful girl))))!

  12. Holy C**p it took me forever to scroll down here! You Sir are apparently the Jugmeister. Another great looking 'Bolt from the Ulgur factory. Like was said above your weathering/coloring is just right, enoiugh to break up the monotone but not look like a quilt. Between you and that Traas guy with his Focke-Wulfs you have the skies of Europe covered!

  13. It's beautiful, and the photographs are good too!

  14. Very nicely done, love the variation in the OD. Great marking choice. You did a great job on the interior too!. It is just a beauty!

  15. Thanks for your comments..

  16. Superb Tulga, cannot add much more to what has already been said. Interesting scheme that just pops even though it is a standard OD over Neutral Grey. Yet you captured a well used T-bolt,weathering is excellent. It is way to easy to over do that and or not enough to catch the effect. What is cool about the P-47's that there were so many different schemes used, you can almost build 10 different variations that none would be alike. Thanks for sharing and inspiration. Have a few kits in the stash, but no Tamiya T-bolts, that will have to change. (or Academy for that matter).


  17. Tolga, you are the man! I think all of the non-expletive superlatives have already been used so I'll just have to say I heartily agree. Your shading of the paint is now a benchmark for me.

    BTW... if your avatar is a pic of you, I have a question... what year is that P-bass? The pic is tiny but that smell like vintage to me.

    • Thanks Stan
      Avatar picture is not my own picture, This is Roger Waters from Pink Floyd and his Fender ( my all time favourite music band and music instrument). This instrument should be a Fender Classic Jazz Bass. This picture should be taken at the very beginning of 70s (1970 or 71)
      ( BTW I have also Fender classic Jazz Bass in my collection but not vintage, it s 2008 built.).

      • Profile Photo
        said on June 17, 2013

        Hi, Roger Waters usually plays a black Fender Precision although i don't know what year. In the pic used as your avatar Tolgur, that Fender looks like a precision to me. Only reason i think so is because it looks a lot like mine, which is identical to the one in the picture except mine has a maple neck without the rosewood fret board pictured ( mine is a 1972 Fender USA bass). Jazz bass's usually had block inlay fret indicators and more tone/volume pots off the scratch plate, they also lacked the split single coil pick ups. The one in the picture does not appear to have a bridge pick up which is prominent on the Jazz!

  18. 10+ everyone said everything else already outstanding

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